Go Cheese!


27. Jul. 2006, 15:15

I'm all set! I've got the outfit ...

... I've got my drink ...

... I've got the soundtrack, my Cheese PTT station, currently, containing the following tracks:

Dr. Who
Dear Limmertz
Yes Sir, I Can Boogie *
Picnic On A Frozen River
The Blue Wrath
Latin Strut
Odd Job Man I Wanna Be A James Bond Girl
You Gotta Taste All The Fruit
A Festa

* - The latest addition, inspired by Lardygirl.

... and, should it get a little dark, before frivolity desists, I'm confident in the knowledge that all will be stylishly illuminated by my solar powered, union-flag waist-coated, bulldog lantern statuette.

Discovered on a recent *coughs: short* trip to Showtime
Amusements' Bingo, North Beach, Heacham - Family entertainment at its best!

How could life be any better?


  • talking_animal

    You need to get out more, comrade. Have you ever been on that wonder-wheel thing they've got in your town?

    28. Jul. 2006, 10:31
  • cloudtrapeze

    I'd better get me some of this cheese before it gets too close to bedtime (radio probs having prevented me having it for breakfast or lunch). Don't want to give myself indigestion! Did you [i]actually buy[/i] that bulldog thing? You get points if you did.

    28. Jul. 2006, 14:37
  • talking_animal

    [quote][b]Quoth cloudtrapeze[/b]: Did you actually buy that bulldog thing? You get points if you did.[/quote]Yeah, double points, redeemable for big huggy stuffed animals and souvenir clocks.

    28. Jul. 2006, 16:46
  • cloudtrapeze

    Or a fondue set, if he's really lucky.

    28. Jul. 2006, 16:57
  • talking_animal

    [quote][b]Quoth cloudtrapeze[/b]: Or a fondue set, if he's really lucky.[/quote]redoubling the cheese theme...

    28. Jul. 2006, 18:47
  • IanAR

    No, saddly, I did not. It was not for sale, but only available as a Bingo prize, for 11½ wins and, on the basis of my girlfriend's daughter's performance, that'd've cost £57.50 (over six times the Internet price) :/ It was, however, a quaint reminder that there are some corners of England remain bastions of crass seaside culture, safe from [i]cupachinofication[/i]. [img]http://www.unionjackwear.co.uk/images/kissmequick.jpg[/img] [img]http://johnlinsie.tripod.com/POSTCARD%20Seaside%20music%20seller.gif[/img] [img]http://www.homecliffehotel.com/birds.jpg[/img]

    3. Aug. 2006, 1:39
  • cloudtrapeze

    Ah, the sweet smell of fish n' chips wafting on the summer breeze...

    3. Aug. 2006, 21:47
  • talking_animal

    You folks come from British Isles or what! Hot dogs and beach and lots of music all go together as far as I'm concerned.

    4. Aug. 2006, 3:12
  • IanAR

    .... with , followed by a nice double espresso, please :)

    4. Aug. 2006, 4:18
  • Babs_05

    Oh dear. *gulp* :s *plays cheesy radio* ... I've got earplugs at the ready. I'm dreaming of bags of hot sugary doughnuts fresh from the deep fat fryer, huge clouds of pink candyfloss and a handbag full of sticks of rock. I am AT the seaside. [img]http://www.fireflyproductions.tv/images/rock.JPG[/img] ... only heard two tracks and already I fancy playing bingo. At the very least, I need to lose a few coppers in the penny-pushing machine. ... (third track) I think I've got indigestion. I feel sick. How many tracks are there? A lot? Shame you haven't got The Dooleys, or is that too much like class? ; )

    4. Aug. 2007, 23:49
  • wezg

    No worzels so definitely not a definitive list...

    9. Jan. 2011, 16:36
  • IanAR

    [sup]<tackle> [/sup]I think, you mean Wurzels & exhaustive ;) As a London-adopted Yorkshireman, I don't have the required [i]'familiarity breeds contempt'[/i] / [i]'guilt by association'[/i] cringe drive, for e.g. [i]The Combine Harvester (Brand New Key)[/i], that more quasi-yokel listeners might have.[sub] </tackle>[/sub] ... Therefore, this jaunty tune's not [b]cheese in my book[/b], rather novelty. In fact, I love it & it's a fav'e one for a karaoke duet! :D

    9. Jan. 2011, 17:29
  • wezg

    We in the West country are prouder of, say, Massive Attack, or Roni Size.. but I guess there is a difference between novelty and cheese... Though where you draw the line isn't clear.

    9. Jan. 2011, 23:29
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