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  • cecilia12lynch

    Ah yeah, it's kind of too easy to parody the Beats, that much is true. I haven't seen Bucket of Blood but I just checked it out and the plot already got me interested in it so I'll check it out as soon as possible! Ah Hitchcock, he always had the best lines and I'm saying this without a trace of sarcasm. Yes, I take pictures but it's nothing special, just something I like to do. In fact, since coming to Belgium, taking photos has become mostly about travelling and documenting memories, to put it that way. I just noticed that I take way more pictures since in Belgium than I did before and it's not only because of all the travelling, I'm just loving being here so much that everything seems important enough to be saved in the form of a photo.

    9. Jun., 12:23 Antworten
  • racheln92

    it sure is different though. the book definitely is a bit more preachy. and tells more of her "philosophy" Which is interesting at best. haha! I use to be a huge rand fan, it's aalright, I like her for her writing, not as much for her philosophy. I am much more right winged these days. and realized she was more of a moderate at some point. She payed capitalism quite a bit of lip service but then tried to say it was compatible with other bigger government systems, which really doesn't work together at the end of the day. She has some things right, but many things wrong. That's groovy though, I really like Gary cooper in the movie, and went on to watch high noon because he was in it. haha! he's a great actor haha! he played Roark well who was an interesting character. I also liked the actor I believe his name is raymond massey? haha! played wynon really well. hahahaha! he was definitely something of a character too. Loved how he portrayed gale.

    31. Mai., 1:22 Antworten
  • racheln92

    that's about the same here, I really like do wop too, it's a really fascinating genre. haha! It is definitely good to know more of us to, I know a few who do but not many honestly. It's good that someone else my age can appreciate folk for what it is. The fact that someone as known as ochs or paxton is now the strangest thing on the planet is depressing. country is a bit more known even. the one everyone seems to know is bob Dylan. haha! but yes. good to know someone my age who knows music. Oh I love that song and how phil attacks the moderates. as I said on the song page you could literally call it the love me I am wishy washy. haha! good for him for being so radical and being so opened about it. Phil died way to young in my opinion. ahaha! okay, that's what I thought you meant, though I wasn't sure. I knew about the movie I definitely watched it but wasn't sure of the directors name. haha! how it was written was just great! Rand wrote the script too. The book is alright.

    31. Mai., 1:12 Antworten
  • racheln92

    thank you for accepting my friends request. I am glad you like my charts haha! I love my folk and country music. What type of music is your favorite, anyway? haha! which ochs song now? You mean the fountainhead movie or what? I like the movie, I like the novel a bit more though.

    30. Mai., 22:33 Antworten
  • cecilia12lynch

    No, I wasn't aware of that short film, I'll definitely check it out though! I still haven't read The Subterraneans but I'll keep the adaptation in mind since that is an odd casting worth checking out. Sure thing, I'll give Bob's first couple of albums a listen when I get the time, and not only for the fact that there's a Fellini reference haha. I mostly meant that some of my favorite books rarely disappoint greatly but it's true that adaptations of classics tend to be so tedious sometimes and there are just too many of them out there. Oh it's actually a photo of me from Bruges, taken while I was looking at the map of the city, being completely unaware of the photo, as usual. But then again, photos like that always turn out to be the only ones I like anyway since I get so awkward if I'm aware that somebody's taking a photo of me.

    18. Mai., 8:34 Antworten
  • ze_zar

    Thanks you too for accepted. You have a music library so bigger than mine... Oh, 2013? Well, in that year I had 25 years old...

    7. Mai., 4:44 Antworten
  • hataedym_2

    You too! Thanks!

    28. Apr., 13:16 Antworten
  • iprayforplagues

    big hugs from Poland!:)

    28. Apr., 13:08 Antworten
  • cecilia12lynch

    Yeah, it's kind of amazing how music gets entwined with everything in one's life. Hm last summer I read Lonesome Traveler and really liked it. But to be honest, there's nothing by him that I wouldn't recommend so you can't go wrong if you ask me. Ah yes, if you love Waits' voice, you shouldn't have a problem with any other voice ever. But I think I meant it more as in, I know 10-15 songs by Dylan and like them, even love a few of them but when it comes to Kerouac, I simply love everything he ever wrote. Dylan's opus just seems so huge and I know it would take me ages to go through it so I'm mostly being lazy here. It usually takes me a while to get into new music because I end up enjoying the music I know way too much. Thankfully it hasn't happened that often, having a book adapted into an unwatchable movie, at worst it ends up being an average movie.

    20. Apr., 11:48 Antworten
  • Dado7

    Who is the actress in your picture?

    15. Apr., 19:15 Antworten
  • cecilia12lynch

    I don't know, music affects almost everything in my life. And it's not that it's esoteric music, it's just that nothing seems to make me feel the way music does, whatever the genre is. I think it has more to do with all of those times I would spend on long walks or on meadows at home, just alone with music. I don't know, I'm weird because at those times I never felt more alive, to phrase it like a cliché haha. It's funny, I first got into Kerouac and still haven't gotten that much into Dylan, that is not nearly as into Kerouac. Well yeah, I like seeing book adaptations without much judgment prior to viewing them. But I rarely watch an adaptation of a book I haven't read but really want to read. I suppose I prefer reading it first; a habit from all the reading when I was younger. I know, I just love that line of Betty's!

    19. Mär., 12:03 Antworten
  • lowlander

    I'm always looking for new music on the internet

    17. Mär., 9:00 Antworten
  • lowlander

    yes I listen to every record that i play here on last fm :)

    14. Mär., 5:24 Antworten
  • cecilia12lynch

    It's funny in my case because I didn't give music any thought at all back in high school, I was buried in books only. Then I went to college and after that, my interest in music has only been on a rise. It's good that you're back to enjoying it. Honestly, most of the time I feel like it's my favorite form of art when I think of everything it makes me feel and all the things it affects in my life. Oh the gif is from The Cabin in the Cotton. I haven't seen it yet because it seems to be impossible to find but the quote always makes me laugh. My reading list is pretty random, in fact I don't think I have two books by the same author right now. There is a lot of books that were recently adapted, such as Life of Pie or Wild, but it's mostly classics by Fitzgerald, Dickens and others since I always seem to come back to their books.

    5. Mär., 13:03 Antworten
  • gretagarbos

    yes this film is great, you must watch! oh thanks, now i'm not at home but later I'll follow your tumblr!!!

    2. Mär., 22:16 Antworten
  • gretagarbos

    sorry for the late reply! oh libeled lady is a screwball film of 1936 with jean harlow, myrna loy, spencer tracy and bill powell, it' really good! oh my tumblr is too annsotherns, just give me the url of yours for follow you!!

    25. Feb., 5:07 Antworten
  • cecilia12lynch

    Even though nothing directly prevented me from listening to music as your job did, I'm still constantly aware of how important listening to music is to me, maybe even more as I get older. Hm don't know, it feels like an incomplete thought but I guess you get my "point". A friend told me that I simply have to see Ida so I'll certainly check it out sometime soon. Hm since I barely saw any of these "mainstream" movies, I'm even less familiar with indie movies, unfortunately. Except maybe for Tracks with Wasikowska; I saw it last year, loved it and I'm dying to read the memoir it's based on but I can't find it anywhere. Plus, I just have too many books to read anyway - didn't think I'd find this many books in English here! Oh, thank you, and a belated happy New Year to you as well :)

    23. Feb., 12:26 Antworten
  • gretagarbos

    you must see these films, all of them are really good! oh I understand my name on icheck is annsotherns, and I have a tumblr too ahah!

    21. Feb., 22:37 Antworten
  • gretagarbos

    sorry for the late reply!!! oh some great films in your favorites haha, but some of them I didn't watch yet like billy liar is with julie christie right? u.s go home is with vincent gallo? I love Buffalo '66 directed by him!! ménilmontant sounds wonderful I love silent films! CAROLE LOMBARD + screwball = <3 gable and colbert usdhfksdf. Oh some of my favorite films are: bringing up baby, the wizard of oz, gone with the wind, roman holiday, sullivan's travels, the philadelphia story, grand hotel, ninotchka, the thin man, the wind, harold and maude, libeled lady, the quiet man, pierrot le fou, persona, double indemnity, arsenic and old lace, the 39 steps, daisies, the lady vanishes, and many many and many others hahaa! I have icheckmovies, you have? how are you?

    17. Feb., 15:07 Antworten
  • cecilia12lynch

    Wow, that sounds awful, not being able to listen to music at all. I can only imagine that feeling. Holidays in Belgium were great overall, plus I saw It's a Wonderful Life, like I do every year and there was even snow on the 26th of Dec. I suppose it's the silly little things that do it for me sometimes. Yep, saw the exposition the same week I mentioned it and liked it a lot. Also, it just made me think Lynch was an even weirder person than I thought he was, if that was possible. Hm unlike last year's, I haven't seen many movies that are up for an Oscar this year so I can only say that I loved Boyhood the best, followed by Theory of Everything and that I get the fuss about Birdman but don't like it that much. How about you?

    15. Feb., 22:39 Antworten
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