Trent Reznor and Atticus RossIn Motion Lieblingslied März 2011
Team SleepYour Skull Is Red Lieblingslied Juli 2010
Grizzly BearDeep Sea Diver Lieblingslied Juli 2010
Thom YorkeHearing Damage - Thom Yorke Lieblingslied Juni 2010
Band of SkullsFriends - Band of Skulls Lieblingslied Juni 2010
Yeah Yeah YeahsHysteric Lieblingslied Januar 2010
TristezaAbrazo Distante Lieblingslied Dezember 2009
The ExploitedMucky Pup Lieblingslied April 2009
JawboxSavory Lieblingslied April 2009
Red SparowesAlone and Unaware, the Landscape Was Transformed in Front of Our Eyes Lieblingslied März 2009
Be Your Own PetBlack Hole Lieblingslied März 2009
MetricMonster Hospital Lieblingslied März 2009
pg.lostKardusen Lieblingslied Februar 2009
ShoraParhelion Lieblingslied Februar 2009
At the Drive-InFor Now..We Toast Lieblingslied Februar 2009
The CribsBe Safe Lieblingslied Februar 2009
Jeff BuckleyLast Goodbye Lieblingslied Februar 2009
La quieteCosmonauta Gagarin, non voltarti indietro Lieblingslied Januar 2009
JejuneThat's Why She Hates Me Lieblingslied Dezember 2008
FloodgateMountain Lieblingslied Dezember 2008
Clikatat IkatowiThe Appliance Lieblingslied Dezember 2008
These Arms Are SnakesPink Mammoth (Pelican Cover) Lieblingslied Dezember 2008
Rockets And Blue LightsA Smashed Piano Lieblingslied Dezember 2008
PlungerSelfish space Lieblingslied Oktober 2008
MogwaiBatcat Lieblingslied Oktober 2008
Able Baker FoxOctober Lieblingslied Oktober 2008
Explosions in the SkyGreet Death Lieblingslied September 2008
Primal ScreamLoaded Lieblingslied August 2008
Goodbye Blue MondayHelp is on the Way Lieblingslied August 2008
The HatedWords Come Back Lieblingslied August 2008
The SmithsThat Joke Isn't Funny Anymore Lieblingslied Juli 2008
JesuSilver Lieblingslied Juli 2008
Cap'n JazzBluegrass Lieblingslied Juli 2008
Suis la luneA Letter - A Void Lieblingslied Mai 2008
Eagles of Death MetalSpeaking in Tongues Lieblingslied Mai 2008
Majority RuleA Prescription Lieblingslied Mai 2008
Quiet StepsWhy You're Living Lieblingslied Mai 2008
OrchidShe Has a Cold, Cold Heart Lieblingslied Mai 2008
1905Go Lieblingslied Mai 2008
Explosions in the SkyWith Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept Lieblingslied Mai 2008
LadytronFighting in Built Up Areas Lieblingslied April 2008
PlungerAspire to be Lieblingslied April 2008
FloodgateMiles Behind On The Road To Success Lieblingslied April 2008
Citizen CopeLet The Drummer Kick Lieblingslied April 2008
This Will Destroy YouThere Are Some Remedies Worse Than the Disease Lieblingslied April 2008
Ordination of AaronBattle Of Tippecanoe Lieblingslied April 2008
Dominik EulbergDer Buchdrucker Lieblingslied April 2008
Cedar of LebanonTaking Out the Trash Lieblingslied April 2008
DaïtroMes Chiffres Lieblingslied April 2008
The Samuel Jackson FiveSong for Sarah Lieblingslied März 2008