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Angels & AirwavesCall to Arms 21. Aug. 2012
Ed SheeranLego House 21. Aug. 2012
The Temper TrapMiracle 21. Aug. 2012
The KillersThe Ballad of Michael Valentine 21. Aug. 2012
RudimentalFeel The Love - Feat. John Newman 21. Aug. 2012
The Black KeysTighten Up 21. Aug. 2012
NitrouzCity Bitch 21. Aug. 2012
Miley CyrusRobot 21. Aug. 2012
Céline DionThink Twice 21. Aug. 2012
Justin BieberAs Long as You Love Me 21. Aug. 2012
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Über mich

Hi I'm Kristi
I love my friends more than absolutely anything in the whole entire world.
Ducks and Guinea Pigs are my favorite animals.
Rob Thomas makes me happy.
I like going to gigs and spending the next two weeks using my bruises as reasons that i cant do stuff.
I'll probably embarrass you in public. Although if we've just met i may stay quiet for the first ten minutes whilst i figure you out
I like hugs.
I like making people happy.
I don't hate anything.
I like bright colours.
I like summer, and the days i spend with friends playing childish games on the stray during it.
I like christmas.
I like counting down the days to my birthday.
I spend way too much time on the internet.
I eat way too unhealthy.
I like making funny faces in photos.
I don't like the way i look. I LOVE it.

There's so much more to me too, but i doubt anyones really been bothered to read through all that as it is xD