In Our Minds Dwells Destruction, In Our Minds Dwells Creation., Männlich, Portugal
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LO!No Contrition 15. Mai., 15:57
LO!Megafauna 15. Mai., 15:52
LO!Litmus Beings 15. Mai., 15:49
LO!Orca 15. Mai., 15:45
LO!No Contrition 15. Mai., 15:40
LO!Megafauna 15. Mai., 15:35
LO!Litmus Beings 15. Mai., 15:32
LO!Orca 15. Mai., 15:28
MonoMoonlight 5. Mai., 20:09
MonoThe Remains of the Day 5. Mai., 20:05
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Insanity's Abyss

The instability of one's emotions can throw our consciousness to a whole different level, perception as its first step, achievement as its last. The scope between is what i like to define as the insanity our mind can be driven on, as such, the illusion or reality we lead, the imagination or knowledge we possess, the chaos or bliss of every memory we remember or attain.

Its all due to this emotions we find our meaning, its all due to this thoughts we persist to defy our limits. In our minds dwells destruction, in our minds dwells creation.

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