• plaingirl

    F - Foreigner K - Kompressor L - Lacuna Coil

    12. Jan. 2006, 5:05
  • RiqGees

    Only 18/26? You should be ashamed. The ones you do have are pretty good though.

    12. Jan. 2006, 5:06
  • mattlazear

    Oh my, you myspace kids love your alphabet posts.... But props for listing Of Montreal and The Decemberists

    12. Jan. 2006, 5:11
  • theloudestfire

    i have no idea about music or bands.

    12. Jan. 2006, 6:48
  • bit18986244

    Of Montreal is good, but Opeth deserves that spot. >:C In Flames could be replaced with Iron Maiden, and it would still work. And Metallica is not M? WTF? L=Lacuna Coil, definately. Nice choice on Kaizer's Orchestra btw. They're great. The rest of the list is pretty good too.

    13. Jan. 2006, 3:28
  • theloudestfire

    L = Lovesick U = Usurp Synapse V = The Velvet Teen X = Xiu Xiu Y = Yo La Tengo Z = Zombies learn about them.

    26. Jan. 2006, 22:55
  • sweetrevelation

    Floater, I'm just starting to listen to them because they've been recommended to me. They're kind of local, since I'm from Oregon. :) I like The Decemberists :D L - Lovage. <3 U - Underworld, if you're into electronica. V - Verve or Veda. X - Xiu Xiu (can't think of anything) Y - Yo La Tengo(because I can't think of anything either) Z - Zwan Random list. :D

    16. Feb. 2006, 5:50
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