5...4...3...2...fun!! playlist --2012 05 03--


12. Mai. 2012, 0:48

hiiii. no live bands again again this week but played some songs and live recording from Biko of Religious Girls. yipeee!

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Old Bones - Spook Houses
So Sensative - Electric Nanz
Buildings - OK Vancouver OK
Night Time - The Act of Estimating as Worthless
Do the Levitation - Slow Loris
Little Kitty Cat - The Drows
Heady - Spanish Underwater
Devotion - The Jings
Shifting Gears - Wood Spider
Dick Clark - The German Art Students
Thin Grey Cat - The Sewing Circle
Basement - Swimsuit
Sure Bert - The Yataris
Talking Out Of Turn - Sleeping in the Aviary
It's Fun To Run (Homeless Chic) - Rachel Jacobs
people and love and plants - New Socks
Here's The Local Laundromat - Rainbow Tornado
Broken Adze - Hermit Thrushes
Radical Mothers - Matty Pop Chart
More Trouble - Landlord
Working Man - Sunscreen Island
Baseball In China - The Endless Bummer
Millions of People Running Around - Magic Bullets
Your Beat Kicks Back Like Death - Scout Niblett
Gorey - Trash Kit
Warm in Winter - Your Heart Breaks
Precious - The Creakies
World is Going to End Soon - Meth Teeth
What the Water Gave Me - CUB
Hello tiny bird - Dennis Driscoll
Heart, Liver, Lungs - The Bananas

Religious Girls - Live at the Biko Garage, April 15th 2012


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