5...4...3...2...fun!! playlist --2012 04 19--


27. Apr. 2012, 22:46

hiii. no live bands this week but played some songs and live recording from Biko of Netherfriends and The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt. fun times!

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We've Been Feeble - Clarissa Explains It All
Candycane Bumpers - Forest of Tongue
Dead Light - Broken Water
Don't Wait Up - Dead Wives
Tree People - Margy Pepper
Judge Alabaster - Maston
Ride Out There - Spaceships
Eleven A.M. - Bears
Lazy Bones - Former Selves
Sea Salt Skin - The Splinters
Glitch And Goblins - Hara-Kari Kitty
Anti-Rage - Emperor X
Our Plans - Cloud Nothings
Say Goodbye Before You Leave - Hunx
Non Com-Pas Men-Tis - Eel
Little Star - CUB
The Unlearned - Princess Music
Your Tears - Rose Melberg

LIVE: Netherfriends

LIVE: The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt
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