5...4...3...2...fun!! playlist --2011 10 06--


6. Jan. 2012, 2:39

yah! had PAUL BARIBEAU on. we talked about really smart things and he played one song. also, had friends on to talk about the OCCUPY SANTA BARBARA protests going on in solidarity with OCCUPY WALL STREET..

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Everybody's Doing It - Chalk Talk
Estonia - Angelo Spencer
Grace - Cool Ghouls
Basement - Swimsuit
Someday - Park
Let Go - Formerly Known as Oedipusaurus Rex
L'espace D'un Instant - Watoo Watoo
The Second Devil - COOLRUNNINGS
Rolling in the Mud - The Boyish Charms
I'll Come Back When I Come Back - Herman Düne
Albuquerque - Laughing Owls
Brief Meeting - The Galactic Heroes

LIVE: Paul Baribeau

Smoking Popes - Sexy
Worry-In the Waves - Half-Handed Cloud
A Slow Conversation - Lullatone
Haunted By the Ghost Of Patty - Barcelona
Just For The Night - Velcro Stars

LIVE: Talking about OCCUPY SANTA BARBARA in solidarity with OCCUPY WALL STREET. More info here: http://www.occupysb.org/ and http://www.occupywallst.org/


  • mkorchia

    Thanks for playçing Watoo Watoo! I had almost forgotten this old song! :) mk

    5. Mär. 2012, 19:56
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