5...4...3...2...fun!! playlist --2011 02 10--


2. Apr. 2011, 20:35

yeah! studios being painted, so i didn't have a band play live, but i played some nice stuff. also, listen to jody fester's army after.

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Tell Me it Isn't Your Blood - Long Long Long
Life - Jeffrey Lewis
A Battery - Uranium Orchard
And It's Over 2 - Moses Campbell
The Sorting Hat - jesse cooper levy
Timeless Form, Formless Time - Rafter
You and Me - Tender Trap
We Are Pirates - Nice and Friendly
A Little Hope For Everyone - Tall Tales & The Silver Lining
Ship - children eating birds
Radio Down! (feat. Biz Markie) - The Aquabats
Tell You Why - Betwixt
The Truth - The Little Bicycles
Three Block Rule - King City Speed Trap
Wakin' And Shakin' - Boilermakers
Your Gold Record Will Look Nice in Your Fallout Shelter - Celesteville
We Don't Need No Borders, Let The Revolution Burn! - Kiwi
Sad Guitar Playin' Sam - Morgan Orion
Baseball - almonds, cohen
Saint - Clara Clara


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