5...4...3...2...fun!! playlist --2010 11 25--


2. Apr. 2011, 20:06

alright. had the Sea Lions back on for the third time. love that band! they're doing a tour with Honey Dos from brooklyn right now. go see them if you can!

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Splintered Bridges - The Splinters
My Tricorder- Boogie Boarder
Elephant Memory - Smackdab
Untold Secrets - The Yataris
Dreams - Operation: Cliff Clavin
Traffic - Snoozer

LIVE: Sea Lions

Movie Ending Romance - Math and Physics Club
Broken In Love Park (Pa) - Kevin Greenspon
Years (Ocean) - Wild Years
Brekenridge - Six Cents and Natalie
What A Weird Cactus - Dear Nora
Ammerzoden - John Wayne Shot Me
Saint Marks - Weirdo-Begeirdo
Sleeper - Gashcat
Never Far From Home - Ray Rumours
Hit Them Where it Hurts - kindergarten kisses
Rooftops - Jake Lazovick
To Kill A Moose - Peter and the Wolf
Blue Sky - Murder Beach
Church - Quintron
That Summer Feeling - Roly Poly Rag Bear
Dreaming - Seapony
Green Tops - Totally Nebular
Baby X 4 - The Los Lonely Boys
A Shine To It - Laura Stevenson and the Cans
A Fresh Summer - And And And
Tres - Neonates
Missing Persons - Aged Yummy
If A Girl Can Tell - Stunts


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