5...4...3...2...fun!! playlist --2009 12 17--


27. Mär. 2010, 5:13

i'm dummmbb. i didn't record the first like 12 or so minutes of the show. but i recorded a thing at the beginning. that i inserted. you'll see. i hate you just kidding played live on the show

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Up - Man/Miracle
Cahaya Bahaya - Arrington De Dionyso
Sucker - Diana Froley
Photosynthesis - The Hot Toddies

LIVE: I Hate You Just Kidding

War Is Bad - Dirty Summer
Dining With a Giant - Raccoon Raccoon

LIVE: I Hate You Just Kidding

The Future of My Life Lies in the Hands of the Stars - Jehovas Fitness

LIVE: I Hate You Just Kidding

Manchild - Islinds
Eyes Put Out - Pine
The House Under The Hill - The Finches
No Cigarettes - Withered Hand
Hello City Glow - Capybara
I Have No Fun - Vivian Girls
Blackbox - Nana Grizol


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