• [live report] Concert de OFWGKTA au Social Club

    17. Mai. 2011, 9:50

  • Live report du concert parisien de Ulver et Zweizz sur lafilledurock

    28. Mär. 2011, 12:13

  • Envy - A dead sinking story

    15. Feb. 2011, 13:15

    Un article sur A Dead Sinking Story, Envy et pourquoi God Mad And Mark devrait remplacer We are the champions de Queen en fin de match
  • Live report

    9. Feb. 2011, 14:15

  • Eklektik - Tout ce que vous voulez savoir sur le festival Asymmetry

    17. Mai. 2010, 13:23

    Thu 29 Apr – Asymmetry Festival II

    Comme promis, voilà mon live report complet du festival avec toutes les informations concernant les différentes journées et des conseils pour se rendre sur les lieux.

    Rappel de la programmation

    The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation
    Bong Ra

    Dark Castle
    Altar of Plagues
    Secret Chief 3
    Year of No Light

    Time to Burn
    Black Shape of Nexus

    Moja Adrenalina
    Necro Deathmort
    Mouth of the Architect
  • A very short review of the Asymmetry festival (english version)

    4. Mai. 2010, 20:31

    Thu 29 Apr – Asymmetry Festival II

    I'll write a complete review of the festival for the french webzine eklektik-rock so this is by no means a comprehensive and complete overview of the festival, just my opinion and each band.


    The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation : They played a new set accompanied by several slowed down extract from David Lynch's Elephant man. It wasn't as intense as Succubus but it was still quite good and I would have loved to hear more. Their set only lasted a little less than 40 minutes but it was also only their third live show.

    Zu : I'd already seen them in France and their set was the same. They played only songs from Carbonipherus with added improvisation. The sound was heavy and clear and each musician's performance was spot one and forcefull. I'm not a big fan but they are very enjoyable live.

    Drumcorps : His set was comprised of song from Grist and from his new album. He used a guitar to play those while his beats played in the background. The new material feels much more metal than breakcore but it also feels like a good fusion of the two. His singing wasn't excellent but he's so enthusiastic that it's easy to overlook that aspect of the show. The songs from Grist were really intense and people responded very well to his set.

    Bong-Ra : I'd already seen himat Bang face in London but his set here was much more danceable. Over there it seemed like he wanted to create a contrast between what he did and what the other dj played that night, which was way more club oriented. This night he choosed to add much more breaks but it was also a lot less bass heavy than Drumcorps' set. Overall I'd describe his sound as a mix of industrial, dub and breakcore. I'd much prefer to get my head around it at home before seeing him again but you can't fault him for just doing what he feels like and being creative.


    Khuda : They never arrived late because of a car problem so another band played later (after Year of no Light) and I only heard a few songs from outside the room so I won't comment much but I wasn't really into it. (thank you Tom for the info)

    Dark Castle : A friend who saw them in Paris told me they were a little bit surprising at first but then quite boring and that's exactly how I felt. Their duo works a little but lacks dynamic. The vocals add nothing to the music and the riffs aren't very remarquable. The drummer on the other hand is very good and he keeps an interesting rythm going that sadly doesn't save the rest. I stayed to watch their set as the drummer interested me but I can't say I was convinced by what they did. Still, people seemed to like them quite a bit.

    Altar of Plagues : I think the only constant with them is how mindblowing their set is. They played White Tomb and added Tides with a pause after the end of the last part. They may benefit from playing in a darker environment with only lights at their feet (a la Amen Ra) but their live show is already very good as it is.

    Secret Chief 3 : I've never seen them before and didn't listenned to an album before but I loved what I heard. Every musician was very enthusiastic (except maybe Toby Driver from Kayo Dot on the bass who was focused and cool), especially the drummer who kept a big smile on his face while throwing inventive rythms all around. Quite technical but not wanky at all. The violin sound was a little bit too intense for some people but mostly I thought their sound was clear and perfect.

    Year of No Light : Their new line up includes to two drummers, who don't play the same beat and don't play at the same time all the time since each of times came at the front to play some keyboard, three guitar players (one of them also plays in Monarch!) and a bass player who also played some keyboard parts too. Their new sound is much more rich and original than what they did on North. Each song sounded fantastic and the audience reaction at the end was very enthusiastic too. People seemed also a little bit disapointed that they didn't played any songs from North but it would really look poorly compared to their new material (and I loved North).

    Kylesa : I'm not much of a fan but they played well the same set of songs they played when I saw them last year in France. I can't tell much about their set since I haven't listenned to the albums but like Zu they are a band I can't help but enjoy live.


    Kasan : If you want to know what a NeurIsis band sounds like, try them. They really need to find a more personal sound very quick because right now what they do is quite unoriginal and boring. Every part sounds like something I've already hear and even thir visual presentation with a video of various landscapes playing in the background feels contrived and expected for a band of this kind.

    Time to Burn : It felt good to see them after a year away from the stage. Their set included many songs from Is.Land and they never sounded this good before. The bands seemed a little rusty but given a little time they will rock even more. Still, after seeing them four times, this one was my favourite. Also, they ended their set with the more melodic and melow songs from with vocals from their bass player and it was one, if not the most, intense part of their set. Beautiful.

    TesseracT : GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY ! I remember this band was quite promising when I first heard their first song a few years ago. They even got a quote from Frederik Thordental (guitarist from Meshuggah) who praised their sound. Now they sound quite poppy and manage to play some much polyrythmic part that they destroy any kind of dynamics the songs might have. In my opinion they should play a lot more with the contrast between the bassist growl and their sing to add more dynamic and maybe write some simplier part in between. Overall I don't think I was the only person who was disapointed by their set.

    Black Shape of Nexus : The asylum is let loose on stage! Their brand of sludge doom seemed very cathartic but at the same time the band was quite joyfull and even funny in between songs. They really felt like a bunch of good friends who enjoy kicking the shit, playing loud music, scaring neighbours and making friends while purging every demons on their mind. At the end of their set, after spraying a wall of distorsion over everyone's head, the audience applauded them so much that one of the guitar player threw their beer to people as a sign of gratitude. A touching and also scary experience at the same time.

    Jesu : Their set lost a little bit of momentum at the beginning when Justin Broadrick tuned his guitar after each of the three songs he played (who were all from Conqueror if I remember well) but afterwards they played a bucnh of material with a very heavy drum sound which sounded like a look back to his days in Godflesh with a more calm and melodic but still very heavy sound. I prefer listenning to the EP rather than listenning to the albums but it was still very good and his voice sounded way better than when I saw him in Paris a few years ago. After Jesu, Justin Broadrick played a set as Final but I left before it as I didn't felt like it (I've already seen him play a Final set and it's very good but you have to concentrate and close your eyes to appreciate it and I was tired after a day of getting around Worclaw).


    Moja Adrenalina : Sound like early Dillinger Escape Plan but much less technical. The song weren't that great but their live show is fun to witness as the vocalist and the guitarist often went into the crowd to mess with peole as the people in the pit threw themselves against them.

    Necro Deathmort: A friend told me before the show that they sounded like Techno Anmal but they sounded much closer to what Ice, which is a perversion of dub (in a good way). Their set was very varied with a slow and sometimes more powerful mix of beats while keeping a very intense and dark atmosphere. They also played bass and guitar while a beat played on their laptop. They seemed quite surprised at the end of their set when people applauded quite a lot and I was too as I looked around me during the show I didn't see too many bobbing heads but their music fitted very well with what Esoteric does so it's not so surprising after all.

    Mouth of the Architect: I loved The Ties That Bind when it came out but now that so much bands exploited the NeurIsis vein it felt quite dull to me to hear these songs. They played very well to be honest and carried on even if during the first song the guitar player had some problems with one of his pedal but to me the main issue was the lack of tension and involvement when they played. Rune was much more original than what they do now.

    Esoteric : I liked but didn't enjoy as much as I though I would their set in Paris but this show was the complete opposite. The sound was much better than at the Glaz'art (as it was for every band during the fest, much props to the sound guys as they did a fantastic job and can't be praised highly enough but making sound good such a diverse set of bands) and they also played the Maniacal Vale in it's entirety ... and even more ! In fact, the story behind the show is that they didn't get payed (it was not an issue, they accepted to play even though they weren't payed) but were told they could play as long as they wanted. They started around 22h40 and I left around 00H40 but from what I heard they kept on playing after 1H00 so if you were a big Esoteric band, it was the show you had to see. Only thirty or fourty people were left standing in front of the stage when I left, some sat at the back a few on the side of the venue while three guys layed in the middle. Maybe it was the best to appreciate such a slow and intense set but I didn't try.

    Well, okay it isn't that short of a review but I hope you enjoyed it.
  • Live report très rapide du festival Asymmetry

    4. Mai. 2010, 9:03

    Thu 29 Apr – Asymmetry Festival II

    Venu pour faire la chronique du festival pour le webzine eklektik,, j'écrirais prochainement une version plus longue et plus détaillé de ce festival mais voilà en gros ce que je peux dire des concerts.


    The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation : Set accompagné d'une projection d'extrait de Elephant man de Lynch. Pas aussi lourd que sur disque mais pour un set préparé pour l'occasion ça envoyait bien et j'en redemande. C'était aussi leur troisième concert.
    Zu : Même set qu'au Glaz'art avec un son plus patate et des fans attentif qui ne sautille pas, du coup j'ai largement préféré qu'en France.
    Drumcorps : En mode metal + breakcore avec des morceaux de Grist et ses samples de Converge, Botch, Cave In et Pig Destroyer et de nouveaux titres joués à la guitare accompagné du laptop pour le rythme. Excellent set, bien intense pour tout ce qui a été joué même si les nouveaux titres sont moins chaotique. Les fans étaient de sortis et j'aimerais revoir ça, d'autant qu'il tournera normalement avec le guitariste d'Animosity (RIP).
    Bong-Ra : Même set qu'en Angleterre en plus dansant. Mélange indus + dub + breakcore. Pas facile de s'y faire en fin de soirée quand on débarque de l'avion et des galères sur place pour trouver l'hôtel mais il est clairement au top et du même que Venetian Snares.


    Khuda : Arrivé en retard à cause de problème de bagnole donc pas vu leur set car occupé ailleurs.

    Dark Castle : Du même avis que Pearly sur leur prestation à Paris. C'est marrant au début mais vite chiant. La voix n'apporte rien, les riffs sont quelconque et seul le batteur sauve les meubles mais garde un rythme beaucoup trop lent pendant tout le set pour que ça attire mon attention durablement.

    Altar of Plagues : White tomb + Tides enchainé direct, c'était bien bien mortel et j'ai trippé comme il faut. Ce groupe peut aller encore plus loin mais ils ont déjà un niveau de folie maintenant. Le public était super enthousiaste pendant et après et ça le valait.

    Secret Chief 3 : Je découvrais et j'ai adoré. Super en place (normal, vu le niveau des musiciens) avec Toby Driver de Kayo Dot à la basse. Il faut que je me prenne des disques de Secret Chief 3 (oui, je sais qu'il ne joue qu'en live avec eux).

    Year of No Light : Le nouveau line up avec deux batteurs (qui se relaie au clavier), trois guitares et une basse défonce sévère et les nouveaux titres sont largement meilleurs que les anciens. Le batteur de Altar of Plagues sur le côté de la scène kiffait grave et il avait raison.

    Kylesa : Même set qu'au Furia. Bonne énergie, bon morceau, bon set. Je ne suis pas fan mais j'apprécie toujours de les voir en concert.


    Kasan : Groupe NeurIsis allemand tout ce qu'il y a de plus convenu. Bien joué mais très chiant avec des projections déjà vues milles fois.

    Time to Burn : Ca fait plaisir de les revoir après un an loin de la scène. Un peu rouillé et fatigué du voyage (il parlait un peu en français entre les morceaux et je suis pas sur que le public comprenait) mais efficace et bien comme il faut. Les morceaux d' sonnent vraiment très bien en live (beaucoup mieux que dans mes souvenirs de l'album) et le son aidant j'ai pris beaucoup de plaisir. Ils ont finis par le morceau le plus calme de l'album avec le bassiste au chant et ça rendait parfaitement. Surement ma meilleure expérience avec eux et je ne me suis pas caché de leur dire à leur stand de merch (après qu'un couple soit passé acheter les albums et se les faire dédicacer, LA grand classe).

    TesseracT : GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY ! Sorte de Meshuggah pop ou de Textures sans la dynamique. Le chanteur bouffe tout l'espace et leurs riffs sont tellement bourrés de contre temps que l'on ne sent pour les contre temps. Chiant et décevant pour un petit groupe qui promettait pourtant pas mal à leur début.

    Black Shape of Nexus : L'hopital psychiatrique est de sorti. Grosse ambiance bien vener et pesante mélangé à une attitude enthousiaste. Le groupe donne tout et défonce avec un sludge / doom ultra puissant et finit le concert sous les applaudissement généreux du public à qui le guitariste a distribué des bières en remerciement.

    Jesu : Passé les petits soucis d'accordage le duo Darmuid et Broadrick envoie ce qu'il faut avec des riffs bien lourd mais mélodique et une boite à rythme qui les fait passer pour une version très aérienne de Godflesh. Ce n'était pas niquel mais c'était tout de même très bon. Broadrick a enchainé ensuite avec un set de Final mais je ne suis pas resté (fatigue et pas dans l'esprit pour voir Final même si je sais que c'est très bien).


    Moja Adrenalina : Du Dillinger première période en version simplifié joué par des petits jeunes avec une attitude rentre dedans. Le gratteux et le chanteur passe sous la barrière et fonce dans la fosse pour jouer tout en rentrant dans les gens. Rien d'original mais c'était marrant à voir.

    Necrodeath Mort : Duo anglais entre Ice et Techno Animal. Ca mixe en mode dub / drum and bass bien lourd et bien sombre avec un Mac, des effets de voir et une guitare et une basse. Super bien mené avec un set très varié mais une lourdeur constante qui ne s'efface pas de toute la performance. Le public était content et les mecs super surpris d'être aussi bien accueilli.

    Mouth of the Architect: Je me suis fait chier. C'est bien joué et tout propre sur soi mais ça n'apporte rien de neuf au genre. J'avais pourtant adoré The ties that bind à l'époque mais je n'ai rien retrouvé de ce que j'ai aimé. Les gens étaient pourtant bien satisfait du set et il y avait de quoi... quand on aime. Trop de postcore tue le postcore.

    Esoteric : Alors là ... LA GIFFLE ! J'avais bien aimé au Glaz'art mais sans plus et là par contre j'étais dedans. De plus, le groupe innove totalement en inventant le concert infinis ! En gros, le groupe a commencé vers 22H40 et je suis parti vers 00H40 alors qu'il continuait encore de jouer. En fait, comme il n'était pas payer, l'orga leur a dit qu'il pouvait jouer autant qu'il voulait. Du coup, tout the Maniacal vale et encore plus. Restait plus que 30 ou 40 personnes devant la scène quand je suis parti, des gens assit dans le fond et trois mecs allongés sur le parquet avec leur bières dans les mains. C'était énorme et j'ai kiffé jusqu'à ne plus pouvoir. Super soirée et excellente expérience, faudra que je demande à l'orga à quel heure ça c'est fini.
  • Best of 2008 (the comics edition)

    2. Jan. 2009, 21:52

    This is not the website to do such a list but let's bring a little variety here. Also, I know two people who might be interested to read this so, here I go :

    by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly
    This is going to be a classic. People will talk about this collection of twelve issues for years to come and say it's one of the most realistic take on a fake character that's ever been created. And they will be right ! If you want to read a touching story about a real person who will make feel happy be alive then read Local. Thank you Brian wood. Thank you Ryan Kelly.

    The Dead and the dying
    by Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips
    This third collection of stories from the ongoing Criminal series is the best of the three. In many ways it's the complete opposite of Local but it will still make you feel alive after reading it because you'll be glad you're not these characters. True noir done with style.

    Dave Sim - Judenhas
    by Dave Sim
    A history lesson done in comic by a master. I was introduced to the work of Dave Sim through this and I will look for Cerebus. This should be mandatory reading in every history class.

    Scalped - Dead mothers
    by Jason Aaeon and R.m. Guerra
    This isn't just about a bad ass character with it's nunchaku's. It's a chilling story about the life of a man who is trying to find who he is and bring a little bit of justice in a land where there is none. Fans of movies involving Clint Eastwood should read this.

    Water baby
    by Ross Campbell
    I wasn't interested in Minx too much when the concept was launched. The idea of of a new graphic novel by Brian Wood was exciting but, still, that's not much for a whole new line of comics. I picked up Water baby on a whim without knowing much about the story and the creator but this was a nice surprise. Not a "very nice surprise that everyone should read" but a cool story about a great woman. No explosions, nothing too fancy or intellectual, just a solid story done by a complete unknown. I guess that's what make it remarkable to me but I'm sure many will agree with me about the quality of this.

    by John Ney Rieber and Ryan Kelly (from Comic Book Tatoo)
    I was disapointed by this collection because a lot of the stories weren't very impressive. This short story however was good enough to justify the price. I won't recommand the rest of the volume on the strenght of it because of the price but you should check it. The protagonist and the beginning of the story feels like Local but the ending is much different and project this story into the stratosphere of unforgettable tales.

    Fantastic Four #554
    by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch
    The "OMG" moment of the year. Not because the two artist involved are great but because they actually deliver on their promise of uncovering something truly amazing at the end of the issue.

    Ghost rider #20
    by Jason Aaron and Roland Boschi
    Jason Aaron (Scalped, the Other side) made me buy several issues of Ghost rider. Damn you Jason Aaron ! I never thought I would enjoy a story with this character but I'm now looking forward to more. Aaron grings out the bad assness of the character here and also the absurdity of a story involving a guy with a skull on fire riding a motor cycle. Therefore, in this issue, Ghost Rider fights nurses with machine guns. Pick this up now !

    Young Liars #01
    by David Lapham
    The best new ongoing serie from Vertigo ! Sex, rock and roll, crazyness and revelations and major moves in each issue. This is why comics are great and exciting. More people should read this.

    Unknown soldier #01
    by Joshua Disat and Alberto Ponticelli
    I wasn't sold into the idea of an unknown soldier comic but this is rewarding read that gets better each month. This duo writes a comic about war in Africa that's as enjoyable and ballsy as it's intense and informative and that's why you should read it too.

    RASL #01
    by Jeff Smith
    Smith (Bone) has become a master of the field. Bone was an epic tale that made me forget I actually hate "heroic fantasy but the few pages in this issues show how much he progressed since the end of Bone. No story could be more explicit and full of intrigues than this 24 pages where there isn't much dialogue. The pictures speaks for themselves and the words brings a new layers of mistery. This should be an exemple to many of how much comics can be a very intelligent medium. There is much to be learned in Rasl but there is even more stories to be read out of Jeff Smith's mind. This man isn't on the road of greatness, he is great !

    Kick Ass #01
    by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr
    Ballsy story made for the movies. It's the perfect exemple of what's wrong in comics right now (the whole "I'm writing comics in the hope to have a movie deal") but it's still very enjoyable and I must say I'm waiting imptiently for the movie. "sigh". Still, this is a great read and it punched me in the stomach. Mission accomplished. Thank you Mark Millar for making good pop corn comics. We need those too.
  • Best of 2008 (the music edition)

    2. Jan. 2009, 20:52

    Meshuggah - ObZen
    Because it's Meshuggah ! No, really, there is no other explanation. It may not be their best album, it's still a record I can see myself spinning much after the end of the year and a long time after. Not very memorable compared to some of their other release but still a very solid album. And a very sold album from Meshuggah is always miles better than most bands.

    Genghis Tron - Board Up the House
    Dead mountain mouth was a great release but this one goes one step higher and fuses melody with their, now usual, godly confrontation of chaotic bursts of metal and their influences from the electronic music realm. The album I listenned to the most during 2008 and I plan to listen to it more after. They're also very good live even when the guitarist's instruments doesn't quite work and the vocals are too high in the mix.

    Kayo Dot - Blue lambancy downward
    If there is one thing Toby Driver doesn't know how to do it's to disapoint me. A very different record from their two previous one which were already very different from one another. Business as usual for someone whose main occupation is to twist his own music and it's listenner's mind. A very progressive journey to the realm of prog jazz.

    Verse - Aggression
    Some of my friends told me it's not a hardcore record. Ok, I don't mind. This record still slays thought and nothing could change that. I don't care if you call it screamo or Deftones influences hardcore or anything else. This is a record with more feelings than most and that's what make it an important album. Listen to the new fury and don't tell me this guys doesn't sound sincere.

    The Cool Kids - The Bake Sale EP
    A very cool record. By cool I mean "Elvis cool" or "Jay and silent Bob cool". The kind of coolness you don't teach but that people recognizes in you. This two guys made ten songs of hip hop about their lives as teenagers. Nothing too flashy and exciting but their flow exults so much confidence and ease it's just impossible not to get tied into it.

    Gnaw Their Tongues - An Epiphanic Vomiting Of Blood
    Darkness as a new master. No really, it's that simple. Play this record in the dark and you will start screaming for someone to help you. Then you'll be screaming for more. This solo project from Danemark (oops, he is actually from the Netherlands) mixes everything that makes black metal awesome without using the same guitar tone and creates a world of pain and anguish with samples and an epic sense of instrumentation. I don't know if that makes sense but just remember this : if you're into dark atmospheric music, give this a listen, you'll not regret it.

    Venetian Snares - Detrimentalist
    Aaron Funke is the artist I listenned to the most this year. I listenned to him so much that I was planning to put this on my year end list only for Gentleman which might be the single of the year for me. Still, the rest of the tracks are just a good and original so I had no doubts about putting this up and claiming it as one of the most interesting record that came out this year. Once again, Aaron Funke proves he can reinvent himself.

    Krallice - Krallice
    I'm sure most purist of the genre will disagree if I claim this as a black metal release but still, it's the best album from that particular "realm" I've heard this year. I must admit that I did not pay attention too much to the rest of the black metal bands that put out a record this year (yes, I've heard the new Deathspell Omega, but it's just one song !). But : the riffs and compositions are excellent and completly took me by surprise. This record made me excited just because it's very good and, to me, that's enough to be deemed a "record of the year".

    Burst - Lazarus Bird
    Prey on life was interesting but didn't do much for me. Origo was very impressive and filled with catchy and intelligent songs. Lazarus bird is miles above the other two and shows how much Burst has progressed across the years. I hope they continue to progress and create new exciting music like this because this is one of the most promising "prog" band that keeps delivering the goods.

    Trap Them - Seizure In Barren Praise
    When I first listenned to the songs on their myspace, I thought "hmm, this could be good" and I ordered it on deathwish because it was cheap and, what the hell, the ep was good. I just couldn't expect an american band to turn into a swedish death metal monster and release a beast that could remind of me of In disgust we trust by Mistress, the best sludge grind release I've ever heard ! Now, I'm sure most people who will hear this record after a lot of people have put it on their year end list, for most of the same reason, will be disapointed. But still ... this is really great metal.
  • Hauntology

    28. Mai. 2008, 20:46

    A few links about a "genre" of music that I had read about a few times ago but didn't understood. Right now I'd like to explore a little bit this field to see if I like the taste of it. radio

    A topic about it on Warren Ellis' message board