• my favorite songs of all time, for the time - part 4

    12. Apr. 2008, 5:48

    - björk

    'nuff said.
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  • my favorite songs of all time, for the time - part 3

    24. Mär. 2008, 19:03

    you love me to death
    - hooverphonic
    this is one strange band whose songs i either love completely or don't give cher's ass about. they started out with the lovely "2 wicky" track years back, but everybody thought it was Portishead, so the sound since has taken on various shapeless forms in an effort to differentiate themselves from the trip-hoppers from Bristol. Geike Arneart has a pretty dramatic voice when she tries but the songs often don't give a chance to. my infatuation with "you love me to death" has to do with timing and impact though. at first i loved the song just because of its powerful strings stretched out beautifully over a steady beat and ascending vocals. the track has a pretty theatric feel to it, on the arrangement side alone. it's trip-hop meets the philharmonic, and it plays like a four-minute electronic aria. the thing is though i never really knew what the song was about. i never read the lyrics and didn't pick up on discernible sung phrases to piece this picture..

    "Face your faith
    remove all the lace
    you love me to death
    but death may love you more
    you paint with glaze
    but write me without grace
    you love me to death
    our love was mortal hope
    oh you love me to death
    but death may love you more

    you grow in me
    and although we disagree
    you love me to death
    you can not love me more
    the best things in life to find
    will not always satisfy
    you can love me to death
    but I will have to go
    oh you love me to death
    but i will let you go

    the day i really got the song, i was sitting on the train to work in the morning. suddenly the words were just as shattering as the violins, and i found myself numbed and crying over the concept that, to name simplistically for the lack of a better metaphor, is miscarriage.
  • Kylie Ripa! - why oh why must Minogue rip Goldfrapp

    25. Okt. 2007, 19:57

    I've waited for the new Kylie Minogue sound happening long enough. it's been a long long time since 'Body Language' (although to give her credit, it hasn't been as long as since we last heard anything from Portishead... which i now hear the new record is in final stages of production as you may be reading this.. about fuckin time.) anyways, Kylie's been through a lot - the big C, and the exit of scrumptious squeeze Oliver Martinez, not to mention constant (though futile, ha) Princess of Pop title takeover efforts by sister notorious, Dannii. so imagine my excitement over stumbling upon a new video for the new single off upcoming new album! i was on youtube faster than i was down on my boss after half a bottle of smirnoff, to check out my new favorite song of all time. now imagine my shock, cry and embarrassment after having completed streaming "2 hearts" only to discover Kylie has clearly gone insane from the chemo and has since been walking around thinking she is Allison Goldfrapp herself. the song (while totally awesome, had it been recorded by the injured party itself) is a shameless, sad and just plain gross rip off of everything i hold Goldfrapp, the British electro/glam/dance/trance/shazzaam wonderduo, in alcohol high regards of maintaining musically. now, Kylie has never been an innovator in any way, by all means. just like Madonna she has always embraced outside proven music trends, oversexualized and squeezed them through tintilating album artwork for gay men all over the world to grind against each other in sweaty dance clubs to. but "2 hearts" is not merely a reinterpretation of Goldfrapp's glossy glam diva attitude. from the beat, through arrangements, to the video itself, which has Kylie looking, posing, and dancing like Allison, the whole song is a new low in copycatting lows. i mean, for fuck's sake, the chorus' main vocal riff has Kylie exclamating "i'm in love! i'm in love!" i mean, shit, "Strict machine," anyone?? and i thought Product.01 was full of crap when they dared to have a woman sing seductively over heavily synthesized beats on "Hot trap." i haven't heard the whole new Kylie album yet obviously, but if this travesty shows on other tracks, that's it, i'm putting the drama on - i'm not listening to Kylie ever again! no matter how much she's been through or how many multiple orgasms on dancefloors she's given me with remixes of "Love at first sight"!
  • my favorite songs of all time, for the time - part 2

    21. Okt. 2007, 16:57

    crowd surf off a cliff
    - emily haines & the soft skeleton
    this is one mutherfucking sad depressing, "sitting in your room alone at night thinking baout slitting your wrists" song. i love it to the slightest distorted piano note, and emily's hoarse sigh. metric and garbage are my two favorite rock bands of all time. and while i have not had a chance to see the latter live yet, i did attend emily haines and co. performing live at metro in chicago and it blew me away. talk about digital tracks coming to life on stage. with a background of radiating flashing lightbulbs emily must have been high on something as she was a hot bed of pure wicked untangled rock goddess energy. at one point during an ambient musical coda she kept violently thrusting her head up and down for an unhuman amount of time. and while metric's sound has only become more and more heavy with dirty guitars and rock beats from album to album, emily has found an outlet for her more ethereal and quiet personality to bleed through on tracks collaborating with the soft skeleton. i have found most of them pretty bland. the single "doctor blind" became only complete with a haunting video. but "crowd surf off a cliff" is a force of its own. the piano and vocals heavily distorted on purpose, the tempo slow, sleepy, the lyrics ultimately depressing. seriously, listening to this song conjures up images of the singer laying on the floor with her wrists bleeding out, slowly drowsing away for good. take that, tori!
  • my favorite songs of all time, for the time - part 1

    6. Okt. 2007, 18:23

    regina spektor
    -is it just me or is regina totally tori circa little earthquakes?? i mean, the solo piano thing, the ethereal voice that can flutter to all sort of places with manic intensity, the brave emotional lyrics, um, the red hair.. and so, regina should really learn from tori on how to take her career to the next level. quirky piano chic vibe is cool for an album or two, but you gotta evolve. and i'm not talking about cover stitching your songs with horrific synthesizer beats and passing them on for 'new' desperate radio-friendly itunes. ("begin to hope"? my hope ends right here, thank you very much.) all in all, regina will always have a special if small place in my heart, as my dear dear dear and sadly former friend, the incurable humanist himself, living on the socially wild banks of the east coast (and not wanting anything to do with me these days) introduced me to her. and more importantly, sent me a copy of a live bootleg of "loveology." the sound quality is not quite there, but lucky everything else is. and maybe it's better that i dont have the polished studio version (and neither does nobody else. regina never officially recorded this one.) and i can't really put my finger on as to why i adore this song so much i wanna abandon all my hopeful songwriting efforts because i believe i would never be able to compose something so truly disarmingly cleverly beautiful. the beginning may seem like a tori amos knock-off, but wait.. wait till regina tells you to open up the textbook on page 32.. the piano and strings slowly escalate over regina's half-amusing, half-heartwrenching play on various words in a stunning cry to comprehend the vague logic of forgiveness, craving, and ultimately love.