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The EmbassyRelated Artist 18. Mai., 21:00
The EmbassyRoundkick Lieblingslied 18. Mai., 20:51
The FieldThey Won't See Me 18. Mai., 20:36
Mister LiesAshore 17. Mai., 13:45
KittyLast Minute 17. Mai., 13:42
The Tough AllianceKoka-Kola Veins 17. Mai., 13:06
Mister LiesAshore 17. Mai., 12:39
LindstrømForelopig Bit 17. Mai., 12:24
DJ Dodger StadiumOne Who Lost 17. Mai., 12:21
Jerome LolFool 17. Mai., 12:16
RedinhoPlaying With Fire 17. Mai., 12:14
Flying LotusPickled! 17. Mai., 12:12
port-royalBahnhof Zoo kostenloser Download 17. Mai., 11:59
Holy Ghost!I Know, I Hear 17. Mai., 11:52
Miami HorrorDon't Be On With Her 17. Mai., 11:49
Young GalaxyBlown Minded 17. Mai., 11:43
The Go FindOver the Edge 17. Mai., 11:40
StyrofoamMile After Mile Lieblingslied 17. Mai., 11:35
BusdriverBliss Point 17. Mai., 6:49
BusdriverRetirement Ode 17. Mai., 6:47
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Über mich

Lapland, Sweden

Listening to pretty much anything, as far its sounds good, dont care about generations or categories, of couse I have favourites but I don't want to limited myself, you can't really place me somewhere, I like some of my fathers music; bit proggy 70's pop and the more innovative proggy stuff, late 70's new-wave, 80's new-romantic, all things power-pop, love 80's electronic and synthpop, passionated Italo Disco listener, true-emo, hip-hop etc etc... I like contrasts.

Favorite records of 2014

Favorite records of 2013

My username, if anyone was wondering is from the musicvideo of Phantom Planet's - California, the comment version, when the singer Alex Greenwald is in the bus, holding a bottle of honey, and drinking it straight from the bottle, then someone in the band says something like - "Alex is doing his HoneyRitual", speaking of the man, I like Alex because of 3 reasons; 1. He seems to be a really nice guy, 2. He's a vegan and 3. Hes a Jew, a bit radnom to have such an role model, but hes one of them.

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