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Born back in 2005 somewhere in the far depths of the South Floridian Gas Station jungle, Hip Albatross was the brainchild of Carlos Ramos and TJ Russell, two schoolkids with ambition. The two began writing and jamming -- beatboxing, writing over phone calls -- until they rigged up the money to get instruments and got straight to recording. The band continued as the guys' side project from school for years, quickly becoming a child of it's digital time when TJ moved to Georgia, and Carlos moved to California - the guys began to write, record and mix from seperate studios, as if it were the same as being at home.

Fast-forward to 2011, and the two find themselves rooming together in LA, down the street from TJ's long-time buddy, Catrina Dennis. Catrina, who was living in New York City, had moved to LA the year before, but more importantly -- the girl had a bass. A bass she could play.

After hobbling through a few meetings/hangouts/drunken fiascos, and Hip Albatross is back in full-force, ripping the world a new one by selling out of their tickets on the night of their first show ever, at the Whisky-A-Go-Go on the Sunset Strip.

What's to come is but a chord away.


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