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Yeah Yeah YeahsMosquito 19. Jul., 20:14
Yeah Yeah YeahsSubway 19. Jul., 20:11
Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege 19. Jul., 20:07
Yeah Yeah YeahsMaps Lieblingslied 19. Jul., 20:03
HospitalityEighth Avenue 19. Jul., 20:01
HospitalityFriends Of Friends 19. Jul., 19:58
HospitalityI Miss Your Bones 19. Jul., 19:54
The BabiesGet Lost 19. Jul., 19:49
BleachedThink Of You 19. Jul., 19:47
Smith WesternsWeekend 19. Jul., 19:44
FoxygenSan Francisco 19. Jul., 19:40
John GrantGMF 19. Jul., 19:35
The Handsome FamilyThe Bottomless Hole Lieblingslied 19. Jul., 19:31
The Handsome FamilyWeightless Again Lieblingslied 19. Jul., 19:27
The Handsome FamilyFar From Any Road (Main Title Theme from "True Detective") 19. Jul., 19:25
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Über mich

Has an eclectic personality. Loves to laugh and have fun. Spontaneous. Loves getting lost in the middle of nowhere. Likes like going on road trips with no destination in mind. Favors the mundane over the insane any day. Quiet and laidback, but fun and silly nonetheless. Loves sheer simplicity. True music lover. Wants to learn how to play the drums and/or guitar (has two electric guitars). Has a knack for learning new things. Down-to-earth. Prefers handwritten letters opposed to emails. Loves average people. Has three tattoos (a star on each hand and fairy on back). Book lover. Favorite author is V.C. Andrews. Loves playing video games in spare time. Mom of one sweet boy and a simply adorable girl. Enjoys watching cartoons, animations, comedy, drama, and classic films. Enjoys thrifting, yard sales & garage sales, and flea markets. Has a fondness for antiques. Despises liars. Loves to dance, but you'll never catch me at a club. Thinks bars and clubs are over-rated. Doesn't smoke or do drugs. Seldom drinks. Fashion lover. Doesn't care what others think and not out to impress anyone. I'm just me. Take it or leave it. :)

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