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Über mich

im 19, im a dick so im told i think that i am a very nice guy but hey friends know me better i guess??
i tell it how it is im not scared to hurt your feeling(thats saying id have a reason to) but i dont end up doing that a lot lol.
my friends are important cuz with out them who would i party, drink, smoke, and do other Unnameable drugs and share lovable moments with?
So i Love Music a lot if i where to have a baby i hope i can love it as much as my ipod touch cuz that thing... omg love it.
Anyways Some o my favorite bands are The Used, Scary kids scaring kid, i set my friends on fire, brokencyde, underoath, escape the fate(b4 they lost ronni)and hollywood undead to name a few.
i do like to meet new ppl so ya should add me or msg dont be shy =D i also love to text so if you do to then ask 4 the number well anything else ask.