Down Review Debut Single Released


13. Jul. 2009, 13:17

Hidden Shoal Recordings are proud to announce the release of the debut single by the Arc Lab and Near The Parenthesis collaboration Down Review.

The first single to be taken from down review’s soon to be released debut EP, From Here, For Anyone, ‘Anything Is Everything’ is a post-midnight drive through a flaking neon city. Crisp programmed drums, warm synths and surging bass weave a mesmeric path through a mist of skittering textures and falling light particles. It’s the kind of glowing electronica that could loop endlessly, such is the allure of its ebullient, cyclical melodies.

Acclaimed electronic producers Medard Fischer (Arc Lab) and Tim Arndt (Near The Parenthesis) have never been in the same room nor even spoken. They ‘met’ online for the first time through their debut label, Toronto-based MMBP, and developed immediate admiration for each other’s work. Both artists have since released pivotal albums on the influential label n5MD. From their online musical collaboration comes Down Review, melding their unique sensibilities to create a delicious hybrid – warm, human electronica for alienating times.

Anything is Everything’ is available for free download from the Hidden Shoal Store until the release of Down Review’s debut EP From Here, For Anyone on 11th August.

Read a full press release here.


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