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Über mich

I want a Hostess Donettes, No, I want both of them !

Mama! Ich hatte einen Albtraum, Monster Mutter! Monster Mutter!

[Suggestion][Level Design] More white clouds should be added in the map "Chengdu" because I fxxking hate the skylight system.

[Programming][Random] One specific "BMW" vehicle has improper path-finding behavior when the Avatar "Sien Liang" is crossing the West Yulin road in Map "Wuhou_District" (GreenTraffic light).

Assignee: God :)

I remind my childhood...a finger-guessing game... winner can give a slap in the loser's face...let's play quickly... and maintain innocence...

人或许不在, 但itunes或者ipod是开着的


[GeekMode=on] I'm a bloody foolish head that like hurting myself against the door • mentally retarded • light paranoia • no social problem • obsessive-compulsive disorder • Marvel & DC hardcore • bassist and.........Ik heb zin in een ijsje [off]

OK, Clam down, you will have a new quest prerequistites setting for TOMORROW!

Addlepated Idle Plot On A Vague Anxiety.........

Baker Street, come at once if convenient -- SH


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