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Über mich

In short:
sXe.Sarcastic.Music junkie.Artist.Musician.&Much More.
that's in love with life, friends, family, &boyfriend.

"Melody is the most palatable thing to an ear"
-Kurt Cobain

1st: The Distillers - Drain The Blood
50th: Tiger Army - True Romance
100th: The Creepshow - The Sermon
500th: The Distillers - I Understand
1,000th: Left Alone - Drunk Again
5,000th: The Distillers - Dismantle Me
10,000th: Tim Armstrong - Into Action (feat. Skye Sweetnam)
15,000th: Third Eye Blind - Anything
20,000th: Boys Like Girls - The Great Escape
25,000th: HorrorPops - Private Hall of Shame
30,000th: The Vandals - Change My Pants (I Don't Wanna)
35,000th: Rancid - Rats In The Hallway (Acoustic)
40,000th: The Vandals - So Long, Farewell
45,000th: Rancid - Golden Gate Fields
50,000th: blink-182 - Heres Your Letter
55,000th: Tiger Army - Nocturnal
60,000th: blink-182 - Stay Together for the Kids
65,000th: Tiger Army - Hechizo De Amor
70,000th: Boppin' kids - Love Me Like a Stone
75,000th: Face to Face - Blind
80,000th: Senses Fail - Mason's Revenge
85,000th: Bayside - They Looked Like Strong Hands (acoustic)
90,000th: Left Alone - By My Side
95,000th: HorrorPops - S.O.B.
100,000th: Emarosa - Pretend. Release. The Close

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