Acid Mothers Temple and Korekyojinn


10. Jan. 2011, 9:50

Yokohama, Japan – January 10th, 2011 – HearJapan is excited to announce the release of two new albums from two legendary avant-guard bands: Acid Mothers Temple and Korekyojinn(是巨人)!

First up, a band well known around the world to fans of crazy, far-out space rock, Acid Mothers Temple. On their new album Sax & the City they’ve teamed up with Umezu Kazutoki, one of Japan's most admired sax and clarinet players, as well as drummer Tatsuya Yoshida, to form Acid Mothers Temple SWR & Umezu Kazutoki.

Not surprisingly the styles are all over the place, from car-crash jazz to blissed-out rock jams to more calming ambient grooves. While the songs are relatively short and to-the-point (well, considering the people involved) they still have plenty of time to evolve, ending in an entirely different universe from where they began. There are frantic sax blasts, tumbling drums and bass-lines that fly through the air at a million miles a second, along with the insane vocal ramblings. There are even a few wobbly synths. This is improv psyche-rock focused like a deadly laser.

Speaking of drummer Tatsuya Yoshida, his band Korekyojinn is back with a new slab of groovy math-rock. Always unpredictable but never-the-less played with deadly precision, TUNDRA is a collection of unrelenting rhythm and head-bobbing beats, as well as the occasional prog-metal riff. All instrumental this time around, the straightforward set up of bass, drums and guitar lets the band really show off their inhuman abilities. This one really much be heard and experienced to be believed.

Prepare to have your mind melted!

Both albums are available now from HearJapan for ¥1,500 | $17.77 | €13.69.


Acid Mothers Temple SWR & Umezu Kazutoki

Album - Sax & the City


Album - TUNDRA

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    this sounds niiice

    24. Mai. 2012, 18:28
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