• Can'T...sTOP LiStENing tO rUsH....

    17. Apr. 2012, 18:25

    I swear, I have not been on a bender of this magnitude since TFE came out. THAT WAS IN 1996.

  • I Hate Motherfucking Coldplay So Fucking Much

    5. Apr. 2011, 18:31

    What the fuck IS it with all these losers listening to Coldplay?? Will that so-called "band" ever stop blighting my musical life? I finally remember to properly get Snow Patrol in my library, and motherfucking Coldplay is a "SIMILAR ARTIST?" I don't fucking THINK so! What do those gawd DAMNED pseudo-musicians who should not earn a fucking PENNY have to do with a brilliant useful awesome grace to the world like Snow Patrol? Now, between Snow Patrol and other VALID well-loved rock such as System of a Down etc., whenEVER I stream my library I gotta fucking worry about some SHIT-ASS Coldplay track coming up that I have to ban. Will you motherfuckers STOP listening to Coldplay. That is NOT rock, it is NOT hard rock, it's sure as FUCK not "INDIE" or the like, and there is NOTHING classic or justifiably mainstream about it. SHIT. I fucking HATE Coldplay. What a fucking PAIN.
  • "Be Aggressive" by Faith no More

    24. Mär. 2011, 17:43

    “Be Aggressive” is a song by Faith No More that was first released on their 1992 album Angel Dust and as a double A-side single with “Easy” at the end of 1992 then latter on the 2003 greatest hits compilation This Is It: The Best of Faith No More. It was written solely by keyboardist Roddy Bottum. When asked about the song’s meaning he replied: “Swallowing. It was a pretty fun thing to write, knowing that Mike was going to have to put himself on the line and go up on-stage and sing these vocals”.

    Despite that, it became their eighth most played song live, and was first seen on-stage six days before the albums release.

    ( song info)
  • Note To Self: Why Certain Things Aren't In Your Library

    31. Dez. 2008, 22:33

    Dear harfang,

    The reason you do not have the following bands and artists in your library is that you hate the singers and the other musicians are not sufficient to override them. You don't give a fuck if these particular women are talented or iconic; you just don't fucking like them. They sound like Melissa Etheridge's later voice, which only goes to 11 and stays there, except that they only go to 4 or 5. In closing, please do not add these princesses of pseudo-power to your library.

    Amberian Dawn (Heidi Parviainen)
    L'Âme Immortelle (Sonja Kraushofer)
    KatieJane Garside: Daisy Chainsaw, Queen Adreena
    Helena Iren Michaelsen: Trail of Tears, Imperia, Angel

    REMOVED, 'cause I was wrong or something: Within Temptation; 4/11 - Epica