Electric Revolutionaries: The Cutting Edge


10. Jun. 2006, 4:26

Not All Will Agree with this...but I hope this helps some broaden their ideas of Electronic music. Feedback would be great since this is my first real posting.

Boards of Canada

This Group is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the Electric/TripHop Genre...things get stale fast with bands like Sneaker Pimps and Tricky pumping out the same thing over and over again. I recently had bought Geogaddi at a local record store. I was very suprised when I popped it into my stereo. The depth and intricacy that these two brothers show (Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin Sandison) is a rarity in these days where music is pumped out at light speed and barely given thought too. I then began to search high and low for all things Boards of Canada. I stumbled across the EP Trans Canada Highway...the just mellow mood that followed could only be compared to a strong Mary Jane high...even with its short play time (26 minutes) it offered something that no other electronic album has in a long time...creativity and feeling. This feeling peaked around the track Skyliner. I suggest to anyone who wants to have a mellow evening and some great take in some rarity in musical form. Check out any of the albums by Boards of Canada.
Suggested Tracks:
Oscar See Through Red Eye
Tears From the Compound Eye
Turquoise Hexagon Sun


Get ready to go on a voyage...and when I say voyage I mean a drug-induced adventure through abnormal noises and glitchcore mayhem. This group Japanese group can not be classified in any genre because they take the various other genres and slice them up to create a hodgepodge genre of there own. The only way to explain this is "When cutting worms and re-assembling them in a different order, do they still remain worms?" The Album
Zap Meemeesis about as close as you can get to nearly mindless sound while still remaining listenable, and loveable. To talk about this group is to make them misunderstood. The only way one can appreciate what this band has to offer is to listen.
Suggested Tracks:
Punusunuc - Remix
Error Meu-Meu - feat. Klanq Shaft
Jag Mee Mee

Venetian Snares

Aaron Funk, Aaron Funk, Aaron Funk...say it three times and he'll put out another genius album. When you talk about Breakcore, Glitchcore and EBM you don't usually think influenced by Classical, Jazz and Funk music. Which is what this brilliant artist has done. Composing most of his stuff in 7/4 Time Signatures has allowed for some really creepy, fast and downright cold pieces of electronic music. eactions to Venetian Snares' music are diverse. It may prove too erratic for many of those familiar with only popular music, however his music remains very popular within the global breakcore scene. His style has been critically acclaimed, notably by the late British radio disc jockey John Peel. Drawing from his early years as a Punk and Heavy Metal fan has given him the ability to write and compose some very dark pieces. Children's Limbo is one of these such pieces, dealing with where children go if they die early. If you get into the darker side of Electronica give Venetian Snares a listen.
Suggested Tracks:
Children's Limbo
Die Winnipeg Die Die Die Fuckers Die
Intense Demonic Attacks
Herbie Goes Ballistic


More of a Electronic/Industrial Rock band, Eisbrecher is a maybe a little out of place on this list. Yet you can't ignore the pure electronic influence behind this group...the voice of Alexx Wesselsky (former singer of Megaherz) has some of the best tonal melding with the genre i've ever heard. The band's name in translation from German means "Icebreaker". The band's lyrics and slogans often include terms of ice and sailing, such as "Ahoi" (Ahoy) and "Es wird kalt" (It's getting cold). The band's frontman, Alexx Wesselsky, often wears sailor's and military clothing in performances. Some may say they are a rip off of Rammstein, or a clone of Oomph!...the fact is they have a style all their own that bodes well for the future of this group. Hard guitar riffs, Synth loops in the background and heavy hitting bass help make this group a major listen for the Rock/Electronic fans. Be prepared for lyrics in only german. ;)
Suggested Tracks:
Herz Steh Still
Wilkommen im Nichts

Otto von Schirach

Here is another IDM/Breakcore artist, he is a little more focused on the Noise and Sporadic ideas of this genre. Best said as "Otto Von Schirach is an insane sound sculpture artist. You can hear his patience, his hours and hours in front of the blue screen. His personality shines through more than any other electronic artist today whether live or on record, and people are starting to notice." This is exactly what he is...the music he creates causes insanity but respect. Just put on Pelican Moondance and turn off all the lights and try not to freak out. Talented young artist who will be heard from many many more times.
Suggested Tracks:
Pelican Moondance
Inventor of the Milf'ed Decibel
Fractal Nut Vinigerette
Mr. Egyptian Hologram


  • pithecuspete

    thanks man, great descriptions. I'm gonna run off and get me some VS and Satanicpornocultshop.

    10. Jun. 2006, 5:50
  • HardlyNormal

    They are some very good groups...if you like the descriptions I gave keep checking it...i'll get better and recommend at least 10 a week.

    10. Jun. 2006, 8:46
  • Bengingermin

    VSnares! Intense Demonic Attacks is one of my all time fave tracks. Might have to check some of your other suggested artists.

    11. Jun. 2006, 10:36
  • AllRoadsLead

    But where's the likes of Stockhausen and not to forget Varese?? And if were solely talking in modern scales, CDatakill, Abelcain, La Peste, DJ Shadow, Squarepusher, Amon Tobin or even Gridlock?? Although Find Candace and Masodik Galamb are purely quality tracks..

    11. Jun. 2006, 21:31
  • HardlyNormal

    I agree completely...and while all these deserved to be on here...It was getting late while writing this...I am definately going to expand on all ideas and groups. With the Ideas you've provided I have another whole article to write it seems.

    12. Jun. 2006, 4:27
  • AllRoadsLead

    I shall look forward to reading it..

    12. Jun. 2006, 8:47
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