5. Okt. 2009, 19:24

Sun 4 Oct – The King Blues

Okay, so despite the rescue rooms being about the shittest venue in nottingham, tonight was amazing, First up were Imeprial Leisure who were absolutely amazing, i din't even expect a support act so this was a nice suprise, personal favorite of the night wasThe Beast. Thhe whole band was very enrgetic but the lead vocalist was absolutely mental(in a good way)

Next up was P.O.S, a rap artist from Minnesota, nowi've never heard of him either, but for the way he got the crowd going , i personally have a new fav rap artist now

As for headliners The King Blues their set opened with a rendition of london bridge is falling down, as they kicked into Let's Hang The Landlord(my fav track by them if i must say) as they played a rendition of hits, and a new track couldnt quite gather the name, something about when she kissed me it felt like a heabutt. Itch asked the audience whether we wanted a new or old poem, we all went for old as itch entered What If Punk Never Happened,


Let's Hang The Landlord
I Got LoveMy BoulderBonkersWhat If Punk HappenedThe Schemers, The Scroungers And The Rats Mr Music Man Some Headbutt Song


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