One Hit Wonders of the UK Top 40 (part four): 1980s


18. Apr. 2007, 5:50

Continuing the series on UK one-hit wonders into the Eighties. I've marked the songs I personally recall hearing in italics. I've also included the date they charted, and the highest position (in brackets).

As with the other lists, if you think of any I might have missed from this decade, let me know here. Please drop me a note too if any bring back memories! :^)

Ok, here we go:

12-Jan-80Jazz Carnival(19)
02-Feb-80Maybe Tomorrow(40)
09-Feb-80Turning Japanese(3)
16-Feb-80Together We Are Beautiful(1)
16-Feb-80I've Done Everything For You(36)
01-Mar-80Worzel's Song(33)
15-Mar-80Let's Do Rock Steady(22)
15-Mar-80Don't Push It Don't Force It(12)
19-Apr-80The Groove(7)
26-Apr-80Just Can't Give You Up(20)
03-May-80The Bucket Of Water Song(26)
03-May-80Police and Thieves(23)
31-May-80The Scratch(26)
01-Jun-80echo beach(10)
14-Jun-80Jump to the Beat(3)
12-Jul-80Brazilian Love Affair(36)
02-Aug-80A Walk in the Park(20)
02-Aug-80You Gotta Be a Hustler If You Wanna Get On(25)
16-Aug-80Summer Fun(37)
16-Aug-80I Got You(12)
27-Sep-80All Out of Love(11)
04-Oct-80Et les oiseaux chantaient (and the birds were singing)(4)
22-Nov-80no one quite like grandma(1)
20-Dec-80I am the beat(6)
27-Dec-80Don't Stop The Music(7)
17-Jan-81Twilight Cafe(21)
24-Jan-81Turn Me On Turn Me Off(37)
31-Jan-81Just When I Needed You Most(31)
31-Jan-81Oldest Swinger In Town(6)
31-Jan-81I'm In Love With A German Film Star(25)
07-Feb-81Shaddup You Face(1)
28-Feb-81Walking on Thin Ice(35)
28-Mar-81Good Thing Going (We've Got A Good Thing Going)(4)
04-Apr-81Is Vic There?(22)
04-Apr-81Only Crying(12)
11-Apr-81Chi mai(2)
11-Apr-81Hit and Run(32)
09-May-81How 'Bout Us(5)
09-May-81Bette Davis Eyes(10)
09-May-81Chariots of Fire(12)
16-May-81Just The Two Of Us(34)
30-May-81Too Drunk to Fuck(36)
30-May-81More Than In Love(2)
13-Jun-81Wikka Wrap(20)
13-Jun-81Teddy Bear(4)
18-Jul-81She's a Bad Mama Jama(34)
01-Aug-81Startrax Club Disco(18)
08-Aug-81Japanese Boy(1)
08-Aug-81You'll Never Know(12)
22-Aug-81Everlasting love(35)
12-Sep-81Classical Muddley(38)
12-Sep-81Birdie Song (The Birdie Dance)(2)
19-Sep-81Original bird dance(22)
10-Oct-81When You Were Sweet Sixteen(14)
17-Oct-81Dead Cities(31)
17-Oct-81O Superman(2)
24-Oct-81You Got the Floor(38)
14-Nov-81Me And Mr Sanchez(40)
12-Dec-81I Wanna Be A Winner(15)
12-Dec-81Hokey Cokey(18)
09-Jan-82Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)(7)
09-Jan-82Drowning in Berlin(9)
23-Jan-82Do You Believe In The Westworld(40)
27-Feb-82Seven Tears(1)
06-Mar-82Your Honour(19)
13-Mar-82Is It A Dream(11)
03-Apr-82Ever So Lonely(12)
03-Apr-82I Won't Let You Down(3)
10-Apr-82One Step Further(2)
24-Apr-82I Love Rock 'n' Roll(4)
24-Apr-82The Song That I Sing (Theme From We'll Meet Again)(36)
08-May-82A Little Peace(1)
15-May-82I've Never Been to Me(1)
05-Jun-82Iko Iko(10)
19-Jun-82Murphy's Law(13)
03-Jul-82Da Da Da(2)
10-Jul-82Chalk Dust - The Umpire Strikes Back(19)
10-Jul-82Hurry Home(17)
31-Jul-82Can't Take My Eyes Off You(4)
07-Aug-82I Eat Cannibals(8)
04-Sep-82And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going(32)
18-Sep-82Danger Games(8)
16-Oct-82Cry Boy Cry(13)
16-Oct-82Do It to the Music(18)
30-Oct-82Save Your Love(1)
11-Dec-82Heartache Avenue(7)
08-Jan-83Hold Me Tighter in the Rain(17)
22-Jan-83Nature Boy(21)
22-Jan-83Last Night a DJ Saved My Life(13)
19-Feb-83Rip It Up(8)
05-Mar-83Last Film(19)
05-Mar-83Garden Party(17)
12-Mar-83Young Free and Single(20)
02-Apr-83Twist (Round 'N' Round)(37)
14-May-83Juicy Fruit(34)
28-May-83Love Town(6)
11-Jun-83Pills And Soap(16)
18-Jun-83It's Over(8)
25-Jun-83Tantalise (Wo Wo Ee Yeah Yeh)(18)
25-Jun-83All Night Long(13)
02-Jul-83First Picture Of You(15)
02-Jul-83Get Down Saturday Night(38)
23-Jul-83The Crown(6)
13-Aug-83Don't Cry(33)
27-Aug-83Riders On the Storm(27)
03-Sep-83Dolce vita(5)
10-Sep-83Body Work(19)
10-Sep-83Go Deh Yaka (Go to the Top)(14)
01-Oct-83(Hey You) The Rocksteady Crew(6)
01-Oct-83Kissing With Confidence(17)
08-Oct-83The Safety Dance(6)
15-Oct-83Destination Zululand(36)
12-Nov-83Never Never(4)
17-Dec-83Christmas Spectre(37)
24-Dec-83Christmas Countdown(26)
24-Dec-83Love Is A Wonderful Colour(15)
24-Dec-83Bird of Paradise(6)
07-Jan-84That's Livin' Alright(3)
14-Jan-84A Night In New York(33)
14-Jan-84(Feels Like) Heaven(6)
14-Jan-84Human Touch / Souls(23)
21-Jan-84Break My Stride(4)
28-Jan-84Love Theme From The Thornbirds(10)
28-Jan-84The Politics of Dancing(28)
28-Jan-84Dance Hall Days(21)
04-Feb-8499 Red Balloons(1)
04-Feb-84Somebody's Watching Me(6)
18-Feb-84Fraggle Rock Theme(33)
18-Feb-84To Be Or Not To Be (The Hitler Rap)(12)
25-Feb-84'Ullo John Got A New Motor?(15)
03-Mar-84Breakin' Down (Sugar Samba)(15)
07-Apr-84Eat It(36)
21-Apr-84Love Games(11)
12-May-84Love Lies Lost(34)
23-Jun-84Breakin' ... There's No Stopping Us Now(5)
30-Jun-84Tossing and Turning(18)
14-Jul-84Love Songs Are Back Again(24)
14-Jul-84Hole in My Shoe(2)
18-Aug-84Big In Japan(8)
29-Sep-84Missing You(9)
03-Nov-84Let It All Blow(12)
10-Nov-84One Night in Bangkok(12)
17-Nov-84Since Yesterday(5)
25-Nov-84It's Raining Men(3)
01-Dec-84Nellie the Elephant(4)
15-Dec-84San Damiano (Heart and Soul)(15)
15-Dec-84Police Officer(12)
22-Dec-84Soul Deep (Pt1)(24)
05-Jan-85Say Yeah(17)
12-Jan-85Yah Mo Be There(12)
19-Jan-85This House (Is Where Your Love Stands)(21)
19-Jan-85Can I(29)
02-Feb-85Who Comes To Boogie(33)
02-Feb-85Let Her Feel It(34)
09-Feb-85The Boys Of Summer(12)
23-Feb-85Theme From Shaft(13)
23-Feb-85Move Closer(1)
09-Mar-85Dancing In The Dark(21)
06-Apr-85Rhythm Of The Night(4)
06-Apr-85Free Yourself(26)
27-Apr-85Thinking About Your Love(24)
01-Jun-85You'll Never Walk Alone(1)
01-Jun-85Axel F(2)
15-Jun-85My Toot Toot(6)
15-Jun-85Live Is Life(6)
22-Jun-85N-N-Nineteen Not Out(13)
22-Jun-85Turn It Up(11)
22-Jun-85Bring It Down (This Insane Thing)(33)
13-Jul-85The Show (Theme From Connie)(22)
13-Jul-85Living on Video(9)
03-Aug-85Takes A Little Time(17)
10-Aug-85Tarzan Boy(3)
24-Aug-85Body Rock(11)
14-Sep-85St Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)(6)
26-Oct-85Stairway to Heaven(8)
09-Nov-85See the Day(3)
30-Nov-85Walking in the Air(5)
07-Dec-85Girlie Girlie(7)
14-Dec-85Mr dj(27)
14-Dec-85Abide With Me(36)
21-Dec-85Alice I Want You Just for Me(9)
11-Jan-86Only Love(2)
18-Jan-86Radio Africa(19)
25-Jan-86The Captain of Her Heart(8)
01-Feb-86My Magic Man(27)
22-Feb-86The Honeythief(17)
01-Mar-86(Nothin' Serious) Just Buggin'(7)
22-Mar-86Hello Darling(22)
12-Apr-86Tender Love(23)
12-Apr-86Driving Away from Home (Jim's Tune)(18)
24-May-86Mine All Mine(15)
24-May-86I Can't Wait(2)
31-May-86The Promise You Made(28)
31-May-86Jump Back (Set Me Free)(32)
31-May-86Amityville (The House On The Hill)(12)
31-May-86My Favourite Waste of Time(3)
31-May-86Let's Go All the Way(3)
14-Jun-86Brilliant Mind(21)
12-Jul-86What's the Colour of Money?(7)
12-Jul-86Calling All the Heroes(6)
02-Aug-86The Way It Is(15)
02-Aug-86Glory of Love(3)
09-Aug-86Anyone Can Fall In Love(4)
16-Aug-86Brother Louie(4)
23-Aug-86Love Can't Turn Around(10)
18-Oct-86To Have And To Hold(17)
25-Oct-86Something Outa Nothing(12)
15-Nov-86Sweet Love(13)
15-Nov-86The Rain(4)
22-Nov-86Shake You Down(6)
29-Nov-86O' My Father Had A Rabbit(24)
20-Dec-86C'est La Vie(3)
20-Dec-86Once Bitten Twice Shy(14)
10-Jan-87The Music Of The Night(7)
10-Jan-87Jack Your Body(1)
10-Jan-87I Love My Radio(6)
10-Jan-87Cross that Bridge(32)
17-Jan-87Magic Smile(27)
31-Jan-87The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades(21)
07-Feb-87Male Stripper(4)
07-Feb-87Live It Up(3)
07-Mar-87Let My People Go-Go(18)
21-Mar-87Lean On Me(3)
21-Mar-87Sexy Girl(23)
18-Apr-87Diamond Lights(12)
25-Apr-87Real Fashion Reggae Style(19)
25-Apr-87You're the Voice(6)
30-May-87Comin' on Strong(18)
27-Jun-87Just Don't Want To Be Lonely(9)
04-Jul-87Jive Talkin'(7)
18-Jul-87Funky Town(8)
01-Aug-87Just Call(23)
01-Aug-87Bridge to Your Heart(12)
29-Aug-87I Found Lovin'(9)
05-Sep-87Hey Matthew(9)
05-Sep-87Pump Up the Volume(1)
12-Sep-87House Nation(8)
03-Oct-87No Memory(24)
10-Oct-87I Want to Be Your Property(23)
24-Oct-87Tears From Heaven(32)
05-Dec-87House Arrest(3)
19-Dec-87Stutter Rap (No Sleep 'Til Bedtime)(4)
09-Jan-88The Jack That House Built(6)
09-Jan-88Tired of Getting Pushed Around(18)
16-Jan-88I Wanna Be A Flintstone(28)
06-Feb-88I Don't Mind At All(35)
06-Feb-88Let's Get Brutal(24)
20-Feb-88Love Is Contagious(7)
12-Mar-88Piano in the Dark(23)
09-Apr-88Broken Land(20)
30-Apr-88Im Nin'alu(15)
14-May-88Voyage voyage(5)
11-Jun-88Fast Car(5)
09-Jul-88I'm Too Scared(34)
23-Jul-88I Need You(3)
23-Jul-88Somewhere Down the Crazy River(15)
30-Jul-88Hands To Heaven(4)
30-Jul-88Hustle! (To The Music...)(13)
06-Aug-88Rush Hour(12)
10-Sep-88Acid Man(23)
24-Sep-88Don't Worry Be Happy(2)
22-Oct-88The Party(29)
22-Oct-88First Time(1)
29-Oct-88Handle With Care(21)
05-Nov-88Jack to the Sound of the Underground(14)
19-Nov-88Minnie The Moocher(35)
03-Dec-88Waiting for a Star to Fall(9)
17-Dec-88Keeping the Dream Alive(14)
24-Dec-88John Kettley (is a Weatherman)(21)
07-Jan-89Hit The Ground(27)
13-Jan-89Desire Me(28)
25-Feb-89I'd Rather Jack(8)
04-Mar-89Sleep Talk(17)
04-Mar-89I Beg Your pardon(5)
11-Mar-89One Man(16)
11-Mar-89The Rattler(37)
29-Apr-89Bring Me Edelweiss(5)
29-Apr-89On the Inside(3)
29-Apr-89Lolly Lolly(27)
06-May-89My Love Is So Raw(34)
06-May-89Don't It Make You Feel Good(16)
30-Sep-89The Real Wild House(29)
14-Oct-89Oh Well(28)
09-Dec-89Going Back To My Roots / Rich In Paradise(9)
23-Dec-89Could Have Told You So(6)


  • jayred02

    A very nice listing which shows that there were tons of great songs during the 80s, but also a big bunch of incredible crap...

    18. Apr. 2007, 6:25
  • RosaQ

    Really nice listing! I enjoyed reading that - good work. :) I have this quite big fascination with eighties music, and with one hit wonders... (I have this book about one hit wonders. Can't remember 'too' much about it right now, but there are interviews with various people such as Roman Holiday - I have Don't Try To Stop It on a compilation CD, and it's such an infectious song - and Tracie... :) ) I love so many of those songs. (So many!) I'm quite surprised to see that some of those artistes (artists? Artistes? Aaah, hello brain, help me please... ) were/are one hit wonders - Bruce Hornsby and The Range for example (cue the piano refrain in The Way It Is in my head ;) ) and Anita Sweet Love Baker, and *looking again* Tracy Chapman? I thought she had at least another hit (Talkin' About A Revolution? Hmm, so much for [i]my[/i] 'knowledge' here... ;) ). (I found this journal entry through the Halo James Could Have Told You So page. I'm looking for this song on the Internet with not much success. It would make me so happy to find it - hope to find it soon... ) (Maybe I can get their album on eBay one day, who knows... ;) ) Again, very good work... :) (*blinking* Male Stripper! I was talking about this song with a friend on here just earlier this week! And I didn't know that this song was a hit in this country! Again, my 'knowledge' - helloooo, or goodbyeee, even... )

    22. Apr. 2007, 20:37
  • HTUK

    Thanks for the comments! I'm fascinated with 80s music too, but that's really cos I'm old enough to remember most of it first time around... heh. Even so, like you I was surprised to find some bands and artists that had only charted in the Top 40 once. I actually grew to prefer Tracy Chapman's Talkin' Bout A Revolution to her Fast Car, partly because the latter was so overplayed back then! But only Fast Car ever made it above No. 41 in the charts for her. Same with the others mentioned, even though they may have had songs that got lots of airplay. As for Male Stripper - I'm embarrassed to have to admit I remember that from first time around too, largely because my mother bought the single for a laugh and being a kid at the time I was shocked! I mean... really! The idea of a parent or grandparent being into something like that is pretty disgusting to a 14 year old lol. It's like accidentally walking in on your parents or grandparents having sex! Heh. (Which reminds me of another song that like Male Stripper was both tongue-in-cheek and quite 'risque' for the time: LaTour's People Are Still Having Sex... ahhh memories... haha)

    27. Apr. 2007, 7:55
  • herman78

    Wow, great list!

    27. Mai. 2007, 19:16
  • wimme

    I'll be back here from time to time to have a look at this list...

    15. Sep. 2007, 20:54
  • GrantRS

    Sammy Hagar a one hit wonder? Actually, not being old enough to remember the 80s I'm surprised he had any top 40 singles in the UK, but seeing he had that one in the top 40 I'm now surprised I Can't Drive 55 wasn't a hit here, I was certain that was more popular. No hits with Van Halen either, or do they not count?

    17. Aug. 2009, 22:54
  • HTUK

    Ah no, Van Halen don't count as they had more than one chart hit in the UK - "Jump" and "Why Can't This Be Love?" I remember off the top of my head. There may have been more.

    13. Sep. 2009, 23:42
  • HTUK

    A good searchable source of UK hits is at

    13. Sep. 2009, 23:43
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