One Hit Wonders of the UK Top 40 (part three): 1970s


17. Apr. 2007, 3:20

Continuing the series on UK one-hit wonders with the Seventies. I've marked the songs I personally recall in italics. I've also included the date they charted, and the highest position (in brackets).

As with the other lists, if you think of any I might have missed from this decade, let me know here. Please drop me a note too if any bring back memories! :^)

Ok, here we go:

24-Jan-70Just A Little Misunderstanding(31)
24-Jan-70Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)(1)
24-Jan-70Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head(10)
31-Jan-70Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye(9)
07-Feb-70I Talk To The Trees(18)
21-Feb-70Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head(38)
07-Mar-70Who Do You Love(14)
21-Mar-70Spirit in the Sky(1)
28-Mar-70House Of The Rising Sun(4)
28-Mar-70Gimme Dat Ding(6)
11-Apr-70Do The Funky Chicken(18)
02-May-70DON'T YOU KNOW(17)
09-May-70Do You Love Me(34)
09-May-70Groovin' With Mr Bloe(2)
30-May-70American Woman(19)
06-Jun-70Love Like A Man(10)
06-Jun-70Groupie Girl(22)
13-Jun-70Big Yellow Taxi(11)
13-Jun-70Love of the Common People(9)
04-Jul-70Neanderthal Man(2)
11-Jul-70Song Of Joy(16)
18-Jul-70Natural Sinner(6)
25-Jul-70The Long And Winding Road(32)
01-Aug-70Mr President(33)
15-Aug-70Which Way You Goin' Billy(7)
12-Sep-70Black Pearl(13)
03-Oct-70The Witch(8)
16-Jan-71Man from Nazareth(25)
16-Jan-71The Pushbike Song(2)
16-Jan-71It's The Same Old Song(19)
06-Feb-71Inside Looking Out(40)
20-Feb-71Rose Garden(3)
13-Mar-71Love the One You're With(37)
27-Mar-71Something Old Something New(9)
03-Apr-71Sugar Sugar(12)
17-Apr-71Jig a Jig(7)
24-Apr-71Un Banc Un Arbre Une Rue(9)
22-May-71Oh You Pretty Thing(12)
03-Jul-71Girls Are Out To Get You(32)
14-Jul-71At The Top Of The Stairs(28)
07-Aug-71Back Street Luv(4)
28-Aug-71You've Got a Friend(4)
25-Sep-71The Witch Queen of New Orleans(2)
09-Oct-71Mamy Blue(35)
16-Oct-71My Little Girl(37)
16-Oct-71The Lightning Tree(36)
06-Nov-71Johnny Reggae(3)
22-Nov-71Mozart 40(27)
27-Nov-71Softly Whispering I Love You(4)
18-Dec-71Sleepy Shores(8)
18-Dec-71Festival Time(39)
01-Jan-72Mother of Mine(2)
08-Jan-72A Horse With No Name(3)
05-Feb-72Day By Day(29)
19-Feb-72Loving You Ain't Easy(31)
18-Mar-72Smoke Gets In Your Eyes(32)
25-Mar-72Run Run Run(6)
01-Apr-72We'll be with you(34)
15-Apr-72Wade in the Water(31)
29-Apr-72The Lion Sleeps Tonight(34)
13-May-72Don't Let Him Touch You(35)
27-May-72Jungle Fever(29)
10-Jun-72I've Been Lonely So Long(22)
15-Jul-72It's Four in the Morning(3)
05-Aug-72Too Busy Thinking 'bout My Baby(19)
30-Sep-72In a Broken Dream(3)
14-Oct-72New Orleans(19)
28-Oct-72Why Can't We Be Lovers(29)
18-Nov-72Only you(40)
03-Feb-73If It Wasn't For The Reason That I Love You(27)
24-Feb-73Nice One Cyril(14)
24-Feb-73Gonna Make You an Offer You Can't Refuse(8)
31-Mar-73Sweet Dreams(40)
07-Apr-73Wam Bam(30)
21-Apr-73Whatever happened to you (Likely lads theme)(35)
28-Apr-73Wonderful Dream(13)
05-May-73Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001)(7)
12-May-73Walk on the Wild Side(10)
02-Jun-73Snoopy Vs The Red Baron(4)
16-Jun-73Step By Step(14)
30-Jun-73Free Electric Band(19)
21-Jul-73I'm Doing Fine Now(20)
18-Aug-73Natural High(40)
18-Aug-73I've Been Hurt(12)
29-Sep-73Let there be Peace on Earth (Let it Begin with Me)(15)
20-Oct-73Milly Molly Mandy(35)
10-Nov-73Lonely Days Lonely Nights(32)
17-Nov-73Paper Roses(2)
01-Dec-73Vado via(17)
08-Dec-73Radar Love(7)
26-Jan-74(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction(29)
23-Feb-74Funky Nassau(31)
23-Feb-74who do you think you are(21)
23-Feb-74It's You(9)
02-Mar-74Smokin' in the Boys' Room(27)
30-Mar-74The Entertainer(25)
30-Mar-74The Sting(31)
30-Mar-74Doctor's Orders(7)
18-May-74Tom the Peeper(40)
15-Jun-74Beach Baby(13)
22-Jun-74Central Park Arrest(30)
29-Jun-74Just Don't Want To Be Lonely(27)
29-Jun-74Midnight At the Oasis(21)
06-Jul-74Be Thankful for What You've Got(31)
20-Jul-74You're Baby Ain't Your Baby Anymore(20)
17-Aug-74Annie's Song(1)
24-Aug-74Rock Me Gently(2)
24-Aug-74Hang On in There Baby(3)
07-Sep-74It's Better To Have (And Don't Need)(29)
21-Sep-74Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me)(33)
05-Oct-74I Get a Kick Out of You(7)
05-Oct-74Leave It(36)
19-Oct-74(Hey There) Lonely Girl(4)
26-Oct-74Pepper Box(6)
02-Nov-74Costafine Town(17)
09-Nov-74How Long(20)
23-Nov-74Under My Thumb(17)
14-Dec-74I Can Help(6)
14-Dec-74Help Me Make It Through the Night(6)
11-Jan-75Rock 'n Roll I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life(23)
18-Jan-75Angie Baby(5)
08-Feb-75I'm On My Way(38)
08-Feb-75My Heart's Symphony(36)
08-Feb-75Shame Shame Shame(6)
15-Mar-75Swing Your Daddy(4)
22-Mar-75The Ugly Duckling(10)
29-Mar-75A Little Love And Understanding(10)
12-Apr-75Loving You(2)
26-Apr-75Papa oom mow mow(26)
26-Apr-75Let Me Try Again(5)
03-May-75Once Bitten Twice Shy(14)
17-May-75Whispering Grass(1)
24-May-75Sending Out an S.O.S.(28)
31-May-75Walking In Rhythm(23)
28-Jun-75It Oughta Sell A Million(37)
28-Jun-75Eighteen With A Bullet(7)
19-Jul-757-6-5-4-3-2-1 (Blow You Whistle)(26)
26-Jul-75El Bimbo(12)
02-Aug-75Rochdale Cowboy(22)
09-Aug-75Don't Throw It All Away(20)
09-Aug-75Love Won't Let Me Wait(37)
16-Aug-75Funky Moped(5)
16-Aug-75Summertime City(4)
23-Aug-75Motor Biking(14)
06-Sep-75Paloma Blanca(10)
20-Sep-75Fattie Bum Bum(34)
04-Oct-75What A Difference A Day Made(6)
04-Oct-75Reaching For The Best(31)
25-Oct-75Are You Being Served Sir(39)
08-Nov-75Why Did You Do It(16)
22-Nov-75First Impressions(16)
22-Nov-75The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine(2)
29-Nov-75Alright Baby(37)
06-Dec-75I Believe in Father Christmas(2)
13-Dec-75King Of The Cops(6)
27-Dec-75The Old Rugged Cross(33)
10-Jan-76Tears on the telephone(35)
10-Jan-76Love Machine(3)
10-Jan-76We Do It(5)
17-Jan-76Walk Away From Love(10)
24-Jan-76It Should Have Been Me(5)
07-Feb-76Inside America(39)
07-Feb-76Your Magic Put a Spell on Me(27)
21-Feb-76Ships In The Nights(23)
28-Feb-76Let's Do The Latin Hustle(20)
28-Feb-76Let's Do The Latin Hustle(16)
06-Mar-76Here There And Everywhere(30)
13-Mar-76La Booga Rooga(38)
20-Mar-76Spanish Wine(37)
20-Mar-76Jungle Rock(3)
03-Apr-76You Sexy Sugar Plum (But I Like It)(22)
17-Apr-76Movie Star(24)
24-Apr-76No Charge(1)
24-Apr-76Disco Lady(25)
08-May-76My Resistance Is Low(3)
15-May-76Fooled Around And Fell In Love(34)
29-May-76You're My Everything(15)
05-Jun-76The Continental(16)
26-Jun-76It Only Takes A Minute(9)
31-Jul-76You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine(10)
14-Aug-76Here i go again(17)
21-Aug-76(The Light Of Experience) Doina De Jale(4)
28-Aug-76I Want More(26)
28-Aug-76I Need It(35)
18-Sep-76The Best Disco In Town(10)
09-Oct-76Couldn't Get It Right(10)
09-Oct-76Soul Dracula(32)
09-Oct-76Summer Of My Life(7)
09-Oct-76Play That Funky Music(7)
30-Oct-76Spinning Rock Boogie(21)
20-Nov-76Little Does She Know(14)
25-Dec-76Here's To Love (Auld Lang Syne)(24)
15-Jan-77Isn't She Lovely(4)
29-Jan-77Year of the Cat(31)
29-Jan-77More Than a Feeling(22)
29-Jan-77Sing Me(8)
12-Feb-77They Shoot Horses Don't They(14)
19-Feb-77Torn Between Two Lovers(4)
26-Feb-77A Groovy Kind Of Love(32)
19-Mar-77I Don't Want To Put A Hold On You(3)
19-Mar-77Gimme Some(14)
26-Mar-77Have I The Right(6)
23-Apr-77Where Is the Love (We Used to Know)(22)
23-Apr-77Ain't Gonna Bump No More (With No Big Fat Woman)(2)
30-Apr-77Gonna Capture Your Heart(18)
07-May-77Naughty Naughty Naughty(26)
14-May-77Let Your Body Go Downtown(38)
21-May-77The Calendar Song(34)
28-May-77You're Moving Out Today(6)
28-May-77Join the party(28)
04-Jun-77Fanfare for the Common Man(2)
04-Jun-77I Can Prove It(21)
11-Jun-77Oh Lori(8)
16-Jul-77This Perfect Day(34)
23-Jul-77Float On(1)
06-Aug-77Spanish Stroll(20)
13-Aug-77You Take My Heart Away(35)
27-Aug-77Gimme Dat Banana(29)
27-Aug-77Telephone Man(6)
10-Sep-77Black Is Black(2)
10-Sep-77From New York to L.A.(6)
10-Sep-77Black Betty(7)
17-Sep-77I remember Elvis Presley (the king is dead)(4)
01-Oct-77Star Wars Theme - Cantina Band(7)
08-Oct-77Angel of the morning(27)
08-Oct-77Lipsmackin' Rock 'n' Rollin'(40)
15-Oct-77The Water Margin(37)
15-Oct-77The Water Margin(37)
22-Oct-77Boogie On Up(40)
22-Oct-77The Danger Of A Stranger(35)
05-Nov-77Shoo Doo Fu Fu Ooh(38)
12-Nov-77Georgina Bailey(31)
26-Nov-77The L.A. Run(31)
03-Dec-77As Time Goes By(5)
17-Dec-77little girl(36)
24-Dec-77Who's Gonna Love Me(17)
21-Jan-78Morning Of Our Lives(29)
28-Jan-78Rich Kids(24)
28-Jan-78DRUMMER MAN(14)
04-Feb-78Nervous Wreck(39)
25-Feb-78Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs(1)
25-Feb-78Baby Come Back(32)
04-Mar-78Ally's Tartan Army(6)
04-Mar-78Sometimes When We Touch(13)
01-Apr-78Move Your Body(33)
01-Apr-78Let's All Chant(8)
15-Apr-78Do It Do It Again(9)
15-Apr-78I Must Be In Love(39)
22-Apr-78Bad Old Days(13)
22-Apr-78Automatic Lover(4)
29-Apr-78Love Is In The Air(5)
13-May-78Loving You Has Made Me Bananas(25)
13-May-78A ba ni bi(20)
20-May-78(Don't Fear) The Reaper(16)
27-May-78Annie's Song(3)
03-Jun-78The Smurf Song(2)
10-Jun-78Just Let Me Do My Thing(33)
17-Jun-78Boogie Oogie Oogie(3)
08-Jul-78Prodigal Son(35)
15-Jul-78Northern Lights(10)
12-Aug-78Jilted John(4)
12-Aug-78Top of the Pops(17)
19-Aug-78Kiss You All Over(6)
02-Sep-78Winker's Song (Misprint)(22)
23-Sep-78Bama Boogie Woogie(35)
04-Nov-78east river(34)
11-Nov-78I Love the Night Life (Disco Round)(32)
11-Nov-78Lay Love On You(31)
11-Nov-78Giving It Back(36)
18-Nov-78In the Bush(16)
25-Nov-78Dr Who(25)
09-Dec-78One Nation Under a Groove(9)
23-Dec-78Car 67(7)
06-Jan-79Theme from Superman(32)
06-Jan-79Every Night(37)
13-Jan-79Don't Hold Back(33)
17-Feb-79Clog Dance(17)
03-Mar-79Money in My Pocket(14)
03-Mar-79Bristol Stomp(40)
10-Mar-79Gimmix! Play Loud(39)
10-Mar-79Turn The Music Up(8)
31-Mar-79Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet(15)
21-Apr-79Nice Legs Shame About Her Face(19)
05-May-79(Everybody) Get Dancin'(37)
05-May-79I Want You to Want Me(29)
05-May-79Bridge Over Troubled Water(28)
19-May-79Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now(5)
02-Jun-79Ring My Bell(1)
02-Jun-79The Lone Ranger(5)
09-Jun-79One Rule for You(40)
09-Jun-79Silly Games(2)
09-Jun-79Head Over Heels(31)
16-Jun-79Dance With You(40)
16-Jun-79Born to Be Alive(10)
16-Jun-79Space Bass(16)
30-Jun-79My Sharona(6)
14-Jul-79Stay With Me Till Dawn(16)
21-Jul-79Morning Dance(17)
21-Jul-79Rock Around The Clock(34)
04-Aug-79You Need Wheels(40)
04-Aug-79Just When I Needed You Most(8)
11-Aug-79Strut Your Funky Stuff(10)
18-Aug-79Reggae For It Now(12)
18-Aug-79Street Life(5)
08-Sep-79Back Of My Hand(17)
15-Sep-79You Can Do It(15)
22-Sep-79The Devil Went Down to Georgia(14)
22-Sep-79OK Fred(11)
22-Sep-79Don't Be A Dummy(33)
29-Sep-79One Day At a Time(1)
29-Sep-79Point Of View(35)
06-Oct-79Luton Airport(2)
13-Oct-79I Don't Want to Be a Freak (But I Can't Help Myself)(20)
13-Oct-79The Sparrow(11)
20-Oct-79Sad Eyes(31)
27-Oct-79He Was Beautiful(18)
10-Nov-79Monkey Chop(30)
24-Nov-79Mellow Mellow Right On(37)
01-Dec-79Rapper's Delight(3)
08-Dec-79The Walk(36)
15-Dec-79Day Trip to Bangor(3)
15-Dec-79A Merry Jingle(28)
22-Dec-79We Got The Funk(18)
22-Dec-797 Teen(11)


  • Tiggrrr

    Surprises: Joni Mitchell Grand Funk Railroad America (!) Lou Reed (!!) Boston (!!!) John Denver Helen Reddy - no I Am Woman? George Baker Selection - no Little Green Bag? Dolly Parton Emerson, Lake and Palmer (!!!) Cheap Trick - no The Flame? Harry Chapin - no Cat's in the Cradle? Really, can a band have several hit albums (like ELP and maybe others here) and be branded a one-hit wonder?

    20. Apr. 2007, 0:52
  • HTUK

    Sorry to surprise you there, but they were indeed all one-hit wonders in the UK. Doesn't count if they had a hit somewhere else in the world - this list is UK-specific. The same would apply for major bands and artists from the UK if we were to look at the US charts - lots of BIG names here barely made a ripple over there. Anyway, a good searchable source of UK hits is at

    13. Sep. 2009, 23:57
  • IanAR

    I thought [i]Ku Klux Klan[/i] went much higher than 41, it topped the reggae charts :/

    30. Okt. 2009, 16:52
  • HTUK

    Ah, ok - yes, I've only been listing the mainstream chart. Thanks for the added link there, IanAR. That's another good site (chartstats).

    8. Dez. 2009, 21:45
  • IanAR

    Here's another li'l' fix - it's [b]The[/b] Flying Lizards [i]Money[/i] :) BTW: This article'd be most welcome on the Audioscrobbler Addicts & Track-Tag Bitches journals - Best, Ian

    21. Feb. 2010, 14:46
  • pogopatterson

    I had a good rummage through this playlist today, looking for gems I hadn't heard before, and I found a few. Suffice to say, I can see why many of the groups listed were OHW's. A sizeable percentage are novelty records, and many, as others are pointing out are offshoots from major artists output. But thanks anyway.

    4. Apr. 2010, 17:29
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