• Now and Then

    28. Mai. 2010, 13:41

    10) Operation Ivy
    First heard: Knowledge
    Fell in love: Take Warning
    Current Favorite:Bombshell

    9) Green Day
    First heard: Basket Case
    Fell in love: She
    Current favorite: 21 Guns.

    8) NoFx
    First heard: Don't Call Me White
    Fell in love: The Man I Killed
    Current favorite: 60%

    7) Sonic Boom Six
    First heard: Piggy In The Middle
    Fell in love: Bigger Than Punk Rock
    Current Favorite: Flowers

    6) Incubus
    First heard: Drive
    Fell in love: Are You In?
    Current favorite: Dig

    5) Feeder
    First heard: Buck Rogers
    Fell in love: Comfort In Sound
    Current Favorite:Quick Fade

    4) Pearl Jam
    First heard: Alive
    Fell in love: Brain Of J
    Current Favorite: Nothingman

    3) Red Hot Chili Peppers
    First heard: Califorincation
    First loved: Suck My Kiss
    Current favorite: Storm in a Teacup

    2) Sublime
    First heard: Doin' Time
    Fell in love: Saw Red
    Current Favorite: Johnny Too Bad Freestyle

    1) 311
    First heard: Down
    Fell in love: Come Original
    Current favorite: Feels So Good