EmeryDon't Bore Us, Get to the Chorus Lieblingslied 192
Enter ShikariZzzonked Lieblingslied 177
I See StarsThe Common Hours Lieblingslied 175
A Day to RememberMr. Highway's Thinking About the End Lieblingslied 168
Bring Me the HorizonOff the Heezay Lieblingslied 160
Bring Me the HorizonPray for Plagues Lieblingslied 127
Bring Me the HorizonDiamonds Aren't Forever Lieblingslied 123
OceanaThe Tide Lieblingslied 95
Chelsea GrinCheyne Stokes Lieblingslied 95
Asking AlexandriaI Was Once, Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps a Cowboy King Lieblingslied 84
Casino MadridRunning with Scissors Lieblingslied 83
OFWGKTAOrange Juice By EarlWolf Lieblingslied 77
I Am AbominationHeir to the Throne Lieblingslied 75
Of Mice & MenBlame It Lieblingslied 67
The Ghost InsideBetween The Lines Lieblingslied 62
AkissforjerseyIf Nothing Is Pending, We Will See Results In Eight Days Lieblingslied 59
Chelsea GrinCrewcabanger Lieblingslied 58
A$AP RockyGoldie Lieblingslied 57
Woe, Is MeDesolate [The Conductor] (feat. Jonny Craig of Emarosa) Lieblingslied 55
Us, From OutsideThe Honesty in Shadows and Reflections Lieblingslied 52
Stick to Your GunsAccessory Children Lieblingslied 51
Bring Me the HorizonBraile Lieblingslied 48
Born of OsirisRecreate Lieblingslied 48
I See StarsThe Common Hours II Lieblingslied 48
Protest the HeroSex Tapes Lieblingslied 45
Lower Than AtlantisMike Duce's Symphony no.11 In D Minor Lieblingslied 42
Stray from the PathNegative and Violent Lieblingslied 41
For TodayArm the Masses Lieblingslied 41
Texas in JulyHook, Line and Sinner Lieblingslied 37
Lil BI Own Swag Lieblingslied 37
Sleeping with SirensIf I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn Lieblingslied 34
DecoderConflicts Lieblingslied 34
Enter ShikariQuelle Surprise Lieblingslied 33
VannaTrashmouth Lieblingslied 32
This Romantic TragedyRed Rodl Rowwen Lieblingslied 30
The Wonder YearsI Won't Say the Lord's Prayer Lieblingslied 27
The Wonder YearsCoffee Eyes Lieblingslied 26
Your DemiseBurnt Tongues Lieblingslied 25
Say AnythingWow, I Can Get Sexual Too Lieblingslied 22
Tigers JawThe Sun Lieblingslied 22
FireworksX's On Trees Lieblingslied 22
FireworksSummer Lieblingslied 22
Balance and ComposureI Tore You Apart In My Head Lieblingslied 20
FireworksI Was Born In The Dark Lieblingslied 20
The Story So FarHigh Regard Lieblingslied 18
BaysideDon't Call Me Peanut Lieblingslied 17
Tigers JawBetween Your Band And The Other Band Lieblingslied 15
The Story So FarMt. Diablo Lieblingslied 15
CounterpartsMMVII Lieblingslied 15
Brand NewJesus Christ Lieblingslied 14