Top Ten (Booring...)


11. Aug. 2010, 3:06

1. Queen
First Song: Killer Queen
Fell In Love: Bohemian Rhapsody
Current Favorite: Drowse

2. The Cure
First Song: Friday I'm in Love
Fell In Love: Disintegration
Current Favorite: The Top

3. The Residents
First Song: My Second Wife
Fell In Love: Hello Skinny
Current Favorite: Two Lips

4. Virus
First Song: Mirada Speed
Fell In Love: Amores Perpetuos y Transeunte Sin Identidad
Current Favorite: Despedida Nocturna

5. Gary Numan
First Song: Cars
Fell In Love: Pure
Current Favorite: My Dying Machine

6. Devo
First Song: Whip It
Fell In Love: Gut Feeling
Current Favorite: Human Rocket

7. New Order
First Song: Blue Monday
Fell In Love: Turn
Current Favorite: Ceremony

8. Electric Light Orchestra
First Song: Last Train to London
Fell In Love: 10538 Overture
Current Favorite: Evil Woman

9. ムック (MUCC)
First Song: リブラ (Libra)
Fell In Love: kyousou kyoku
Current Favorite: - (Don't Listen Actually)

10. Klaus Nomi
First Song: Total Eclipse
Fell In Love: Nomi Song
Current Favorite: I Feel Love (Feat. Donna Summer)


  • Gochir

    First Song te refieres a la primera que conociste? Fell in Love con cual te enamoraste de la banda y Current Favorite tu actual favorita? mas arriba que las primeras 2?

    20. Aug. 2010, 18:05
  • HELl0S

    Exacto XD!

    22. Aug. 2010, 5:21
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