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Jay-ZBrooklyn's Finest vor 7 Stunden
Mick JenkinsShipwrecked (feat. The Mind) 28. Sep., 3:38
Isaiah RashadShot You Down (feat. Jay Rock & Schoolboy Q) 28. Sep., 3:30
Isaiah RashadModest 28. Sep., 3:28
A$AP FergSHABBA 28. Sep., 3:24
FatherLook At Wrist (feat. Ilovemakonnen & Key) 28. Sep., 3:20
Young Thug2 Bitches 28. Sep., 3:16
FatherLook At Wrist (feat. Ilovemakonnen & Key) 28. Sep., 3:12
Jay-ZGirls, Girls, Girls 28. Sep., 3:07
Isaiah RashadModest 28. Sep., 3:05
Dom KennedyDominic 28. Sep., 3:02
Dom Kennedy17 28. Sep., 2:55
Dom KennedyGraduate 28. Sep., 2:52
Dom KennedyGRIND'N 28. Sep., 2:47
Dom KennedyPlatinum Chanel 28. Sep., 2:44
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  • Wilmerincognito

    big ups

    Gestern um 22:26 Antworten
  • spykr

    it llleeeaaakkkeeeddd

    25. Jul., 6:47 Antworten
  • massoquet

    http://lidpizzafuck.bandcamp.com/album/dripping-dreams-ep my new EP lo-fi (:

    24. Jul., 19:13 Antworten
  • ThalesLindberg

    So sorry for the delay, i was busy the whole week, wow LA is very cool, I am intending to travel to LA and NY this year with ma parents, and i'm from the northeast of Brazil in the other words hot as fuck if you know what i mean haha

    21. Jul., 3:09 Antworten
  • spykr

    PARYNEXTDOOR TWO, July 29th. Get hype.

    15. Jul., 19:10 Antworten
  • DickBigems

    I agree though. It's much more fun to spend time with hookers and strippers than studs like your friend.

    15. Jul., 1:55 Antworten
  • DickBigems

    No. I can't do both. You're not being a business partner to me anymore, so I might have to drop you. The thing is, if people don't have to pay for it, more people will be drawn to it and watch it, thus more people will be viewing the advertisements, which I get money from based on how many people view the shit. I make up for not charging people by having more people watch the ads. Get it? C'mon now, Harriet. This is basic shit here... Yeah, I'll blow my money on both strippers and hookers. That's how I double up. Hit up the gentlemen's club during the day, then spend the night at a Motel 6. How strippers are funner than hookers is beyond me. Speaking of hookers again, you never told me one of your hooker stories... You have a terrible filmmaking vision. Those shaky camera movies that are shot like they're recorded on a camcorder are, more often than not, the worse. I'd rather them be done away with completely... Damn, you'd reject your friend straight up like that. Cold...

    15. Jul., 1:54 Antworten
  • DickBigems

    I pretty much know when my posts are gonna be long. Like when I'm extra inspired to write something I find amusing to me (like in this instance for example).

    14. Jul., 3:48 Antworten
  • DickBigems

    I'd rather not have people have to pay for it. Maybe I can make bank by making my own website and loading it up with advertisements (not just penis enlargement advertisements either - mainstream stuff too like McDonald's) and make bank that way. Idk. We'll see what happens! To answer your question though, what I'll do with my share is spend it on more hookers and strippers... Eww, cartoon porn. lol. Figures you'd be into that more than the real thing. Terrible filming messes up my rhythm personally. But yeah, both male and females can be rather repulsive. That's why you gotta be very selective... And oh. So you don't have a crush on said stud. Maybe it's the other way around. Maybe he's being so nice to you because he has alternative motives for being in business with you. Bet that never occurred to you, huh? Thank me later when he reveals his deepest and darkest desires to you...

    14. Jul., 3:48 Antworten
  • DickBigems

    No, I got copyrights over my idea, so I'm good. Plus that guy I sold the idea to promised 10%, so I expect him to be a man of his word. And I don't know what my 10% will end up being. You never really know these days, do you? Especially with the internet. Something as simple and stupid as "Where's the Chapstick" could be a hit, while something as complex and genius as porn with commentary could get no attention whatsoever. See, the problem with porn is that you can't just put it on Youtube. Porntube maybe, but not Youtube. The second problem is that what, with all the porn in the world and all, it's hard to see it really getting any real profits. Porn is like music right now. There's so many people making it and it's saturating the market. And there's no need for a physical copy like a movie or magazine anymore...

    14. Jul., 3:40 Antworten
  • DickBigems

    I personally don't have a problem being blunt, but life experience has taught me that keeping quiet is usually the best way to go. I understand in your situation though the need to direct and correct somebody if they're not doing whatever they're doing the best way possible... But you're welcomeeeeeeee.

    13. Jul., 3:55 Antworten
  • DickBigems

    Yeah, it's a pretty revolutionary idea, porn with commentary. I think I've already given someone else the permission to run with it though. I simply don't have the necessary equipment and resources to do it myself. So hopefully this other person I sold the idea to will go through with it and I'll collect my 10% royalties... And you're a female, so I wouldn't expect you to too much into watching porn, but for your information there is porn that's geared towards a female audience which focuses mostly on the men. Though I don't know why you'd want to focus on the men in a porn, they're fucking disgusting... That was my second assumption about your male friend actually. He's a stud and you have a crush on him. You're trying to get in there and turn him out. I'm rooting for you. This is what you've been trying not to jinx all along. I've figured it out...

    13. Jul., 3:53 Antworten
  • DickBigems

    Yeah, you need to hurry that friendship up, big time. Tell him how it really is and set him straight (I'm assuming he's gay)... I'm gonna try to check out the Eric Andre show tonight. Space Ghost Coast to Coast was classic. Here's a clip from it. Perhaps you recognize it. www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZnjcFQUqJI

    13. Jul., 2:49 Antworten
  • DickBigems

    On the contrary, it's not boring at all. I'd even argue that it's the post-coital cigar and negotiation which is the best part of the whole prostitute experience. You'd probably be especially interested in it if you're also the type of person who watches porn for the stories. Only in this case, you watch the sex scene first and then at the end you get the situation explained to you. Which all brings me to one of my grandest of ideas. Wouldn't it be great if porn had commentating like sports does? Someone like Marv Albert's in the room while a couple's getting it on and he's there saying his trademark "YES!". That's fucking brilliant. It would do away with the need for pornos to have stories because the commentator could just explain all that while a guy's getting a blowjob. There could be stats and everything, like the averages of someone's time before ejaculation or whatever. Perhaps this a little too far now though lol... But what? You have hooker stories? I want to hear one!

    13. Jul., 2:44 Antworten
  • DickBigems

    The friendship hookers have with their clients are mostly physical. Then you have a little conversation during the post-coital exchange where you negotiate prices and smoke a cigar (most likely in a dingy motel room). Trust me. I've been there... Good luck with that friendship though. And damn you. You're superstitious or something. Worried about jinxing stuff. Haven't you ever heard that Stevie Wonder song where he clearly explains that "superstition ain't the way"... I gotta check out that Eric Andre show. It has Hannibal Buress! I like that sort of stuff. I was feeling nostalgic about that stuff last night and looked up a bunch of clips from Space Ghost Coast to Coast. lol Great stuff there... Dick Bigems is just a part of me. If you were to meet me in real life you'd get a diluted version of what you get here. Make sense?

    11. Jul., 19:54 Antworten
  • DickBigems

    Why would that mean those things? Well, it just came off as an euphemism to me. "A friend who's all business." Tell me that doesn't sound like a prostitute... So what do you and your friends work on together? My goals aren't really different, unless you guys are selling something other than marijuana... I haven't watched the Eric Andre Show either. I have watched Space Ghost Coast to Coast though... It's hard to say if I'd be able to live up to your comedic expectations in real life. I can be funny in real life, but I have to be in comfortable surroundings. I'm kind of boring in real life though. The "Dick Bigems" internet persona is basically just a concentrated version of a certain part of myself.

    11. Jul., 3:03 Antworten
  • DickBigems

    Doug Benson of Super High Me fame and his 6th place on Last Comic Standing 5? lol He's just a funny guy who's known for smoking weed. Check out his stand up, I think you'll like it if you like my humor: www.youtube.com/watch?v=y00_2rs1EzA ...And technically it isn't stealing. It's just "borrowing" for an extended period of time. lol @ your dad though.

    11. Jul., 1:20 Antworten
  • DickBigems

    You have another friend, but it's more business with him? What, are you friends with benefits or something? Or he sells you weed and chat a little while y'all make the transaction? ...I can't say I have 2 friends that I frequently hang out with. My cousin is a good friend of mine (but I haven't talked or seen him in more than a month now) and my step godbrother is a good friend of mine (he comes around every so often and stays at my house for a week or so at a time). I like to keep it in the family as you can tell. That should answer your question. I have nothing to really open up about though, outside of my secrets considering my masturbation habits... What do you and your friends work on together? A drug enterprise? How come you never counted me in on this? SMH... Hmm. I love a lot of Adult Swim stuff, so I might check GGN out. I watched his interview with RZA, but that didn't make me wanna check out his other interviews. And you don't know Doug Benson!?

    11. Jul., 1:17 Antworten
  • DickBigems

    I'd rather watch* a funnier person do it like Doug Benson... I don't really trust you enough to send it back. Sorry. Maybe after a few more hundred exchanges between us, I'll start to trust you.

    11. Jul., 0:39 Antworten
  • DickBigems

    Yeah, I probably did mention that friend. I was texting with him once a month or so, but now it's been probably more than 2 months since I last communicated with him. Last time I talked to him we were trying to meet up, but we never got the opportunity. Next time I go down that way, I'll try to hollar at him. I'm glad you remembered this! This totally makes up for not remembering that I play basketball... How could you be that kid in elementary? I mean, it's freaking elementary, where the kids aren't yet as snobbish as they later end up... Do you have a solid circle of friends at the moment? ...I usually don't care too much about an artist beyond their music. The only thing about looking into personal information of an artist is that it somewhat gives me an idea of where they might have gotten inspiration from in the process of making their music... I don't watch GGN, but I've heard of it. He basically just smokes weed with other famous people. If I wanted to see that, I watch a...

    11. Jul., 0:35 Antworten
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