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BlackfieldEnd of the World 20. Apr. 2011
Nine Inch NailsThe Day the World Went Away 20. Apr. 2011
V:28Perspective Lieblingslied 20. Apr. 2011
OpethMadrigal 20. Apr. 2011
DeathstarsModern Death 20. Apr. 2011
RaunchySomebody's Watching Me Lieblingslied 20. Apr. 2011
RadioheadExit Music (for a Film) 20. Apr. 2011
Stabbing WestwardDesperate Now 20. Apr. 2011
MnemicIn the Nothingness Black Lieblingslied 20. Apr. 2011
SevenCold White Christ Lieblingslied 20. Apr. 2011
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Über mich

i suck at these things but here we go.......
I am 26 and currently single as of 12/20/08
I love music with a passion, especially industrial Metal and Progressive metal. I am a singer/songwriter/composer who is without a current band and have been working on a solo project but i need a guitar player on the same progressive/Industrial level as me.
Other than music i dont really do much else, watch some [Adult Swim] and horror flicks work out and spend time with friends while we act like a buch of retards.

If there's anything you want to know don't be afraid to ask i am actually a real friendly guy once you get past my sarcasim.

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