My Top 15 Songs (actualized)


16. Jan. 2012, 5:04

"Post your top fifteen bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, your favourite album and your current favorite song."

Sonata Arctica (4,215)

-This same one, along with Gravenimage
-Reckoning Night
-It's been a long time since I've listened regularly to them... but I'll say White Pearl, Black Oceans

Kamelot (3,449)

-Memento Mori
-A Feast for the Vain (fall in love the first time) / Serenade (the second time)
-The Black Halo
-Mourning Star

Blackmore's Night (2,461)

-Shadow Of The Moon
-Under A Violet Moon
-Secret voyage
-Mr. Peagram's Morris And Sword

Dream Theater(2,405)

-Act I/ Scene Two: II. Strange Déja Vu
-Another Day
-Octavarium and Images and Words
-Breaking All Illusions

Loreena McKennitt(1,770)

-The Mummers Dance
-The same above.
-The Mask and the mirror
-The Star Of The County Down

Cecile Corbel(1,568)

-Arrietty's Song
-Same as above.
-The Borrower Arrietty OST
-The Wild Waltz


-Hope Leaves
-In My Time of Need / The Drapery Falls
- Difficult One... xDDD I'll say Morningrise, but Blackwater Park is close too.
-I Feel the Dark


-Ghost Love Score
-Ghost River

Symphony X

-Set The World On Fire
-Of Sins And Shadows
-V: The New Symphony Suite
-Communion And The Oracle

Iron Maiden

-Fear of the Dark
-The Trooper
-Dance Of Death
-Blood Brothers

Inon Zur

-Dragon Age: Origins Main Theme
-Leliana's Song
-Dragon Age: Origins Soundtrack
-Rogue Heart

Mike Oldfield

-Moonlight Shadow
-Ommadawn Part I
-Mont St.Michel

Sigur Rós

-Sé Lest
-Takk... and Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust
-Góðan daginn

Blind Guardian

-The Bard's Song: In the Forest
-The Quest For Tanelorn
-At the Edge of Time
-Curse My Name

God Is An Astronaut

-All Is Violent, All Is Bright
-Fireflies and Empty Skies
-God Is An Astronaut
-No Return


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