A concept album of dinosaurs, comets and a ride through primordial space


19. Sep. 2011, 0:50

Artist: Mochipet
Album: Chicxulub
Label: 1320

[Excerpt from our review Groovemine]

We witness the dinosaurs ride through primordial space. The pounding “Ghost Ride The Ark” strongly evokes the expanding endlessness of the young cosmos, as well as the spaceship’s long journey. The drums which open and close the track are a strong point, building to a funky shuffle as blips overlay the original synth. However, the album closes with a cliffhanger: the standout final track follows suit with “Fossils,” mellower and more introspective than the epic nature toward which the other tracks aspire. The dinosaurs seem unsure as to whether they will arrive at a new home, and this track expresses this uncertainty in the grooviest way possible, evoking the endless black of space in a much different way from the previous track.

The album doesn’t really leave me wondering about the dinosaurs. Instead, it leaves me surprised and impressed at Mochipet’s ability to evoke such grandiose, colorful images through purely-instrumental music, and synth-based music, at that. Chicxulub isn’t a...

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