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Über mich

1. Hate Grind/Noise/Porn/Gore/Cyber ----> Get the fuck outta here
2. I probably know your band
3. All people are welcome
4. Better know phyllo's Mat, he's a crazy dude
5. Don't share, don't download illiegally, buy via big cartel, save money and support the bands and labels
6. Visit concerts!
7. Don't take me for real ;)
8. I want an abosranie bogom shirt size m! (for all you fucks that cannot read or try to rip me of: that means not size: s,l,xl,xxl,xxxl,xxxxl...!) i'm sure you got my point
9. feel free to talk to me whenever you like
10. We might be stupid fucks but we are a family so let's just be friends and enjoy lastfm, cause it's really the best place for music