12. Apr. 2006, 4:35

Alas, be gentle. This is my first time.

I'm the infamous and reckless n00b you've all come to fear. Hooah! And I guess these are only about music.

How dull.

Only, not all music is dull. Like the Hybrid station I fiddled with last night. Myself and technology, not a grand combination. But LastFM works and nothing combusted. And I skimmed through several of the small bands that I indulge in and they don't have stations. Has nobody heard of Lovedrug?

I typed Hybrid in the search field, though. Imagine my surprise when I got a station that hadn't misinterpreted me for a Linkin Park fan. I've nothing against Linkin Park, but Hybrid tops.

I've loved Hybrid since I accidently heard "Finished Symphony" in a Full Metal Panic AMV. It was love at first sound. I rarely buy CDs (I'm cheap, or a student) but having only known one song by the group, I asked A&B Sound to ship me one of the two albums left in the country.

That sounds pretty dire, but this is what gullible me had been told.

Wider Angle is their two disc set and I still feel like I don't know anything about the actual group. The music, though, maaaaaaaaaan. There are *two* versions of "Finished Symphony" and despite the mystery of the rest of the album, everything fell into place like I had recovered missing parts of myself. I can't even rightly describe the sounds. The first version is the one I fell for. The second CD has a live recording where the song is tucked within another. You can still hear it if you know it, but even if you don't, it's a seperate song of it's own right.

Hybrid is a symphony on so many levels, under the disguise of electronica or techno. Telectronicano?

There is melody. There is counter-melody. If you've ever been a band geek sitting in the middle of practise without your music, you get the chance to actually hear the sound in a new way. I am that band geek all grown up, died and in heaven with Hybrid. It was very frustrating trying to explain them since they're so obscure where I live.

Anyhow, my greatest pain is that the CD is scratched now. "Finished Symphony" still plays like the first time, though. When it fades down and I'm not careful, I cry. Seriously. I'm the kid who never cries (and admits it).

Ignore the fact that I contradict myself. This stuff is moving!

Heavy first crush aside, Dreaming Your Dreams, Kill City (Bonus Track) and Kid 2000 (12" Original Mix) steal my soul.

I guess that's it. Not much more I can write that's not just complete and utter praise that I've already tried to express here.



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