8. Feb. 2012, 0:21

Tried to get my iPod Classic scrobbling, but I have shit all luck. Shame.

Today's Music:
Relationship of Command
Possibly one of my favourite albums out there. I couldn't really get into their first couple of albums due to the fact the recording was horrific, but At The Drive-In really outdone themselves. Every track on here has a fantastic hook, superb riffs from Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, who then went on to form the also incredible Mars Volta with Cedric. One of a kind.

Demon Days
Listening to 'Clint Eastwood' last night really got me in a Gorillaz mood, so I decided to play back their second album. I remember buying this as a kid, and only buying it for 'Feel Good Inc.' but listening to it, the memories flood back! A classic album from my teenage years with some great guests acts, including De La Soul. Well worth a listen for most of the singles.

Song of the Day:
Pattern Against User

take it easy, scrobblers.


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