2. Feb. 2012, 19:08

Today's music:
Songs for the Deaf
By far QOTSA's best album. Every track on this CD is an anthem, whether it be a catchy melody, sick drumming, hooky bass lines or some songs which are just insane, those being Six Shooter and Millionaire. A fantastic album.

THE grunge album of the 90's. Mixing this album with Alice in Chains' Dirt, the two combine to define what we know as grunge. Highlights on this album are the obvious ones; Alive, Black and, my personal favourite, Oceans. All incredible tracks by an incredible band who are still around to this very day.

Song of the day:

(FACT: Today, in lab sessions, we were looking at chloroplasts from a spinach leave under a microscope today. It was not interesting)

Take it easy, Scrobblers.


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