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1.Hayley N. Williams
3.Avril Lavigne
4.Amy Lee
5.Lacey Mosley
(Strictly My Opinion)

My name is Shannon, Greeting's Lovies :D
To start off, Music is what makes my world go round.
I'm a really sweet person, and I take my views seriously. I can listen to pretty much anything, if it sounds good and makes my heart strings jump with epic happiness. I'll love it.
I love meeting new people, all kinds of people. So feel free to hit that add button everyone! Also I adore new music and hearing new things, so if there's something you think I would like then feel free to speak your mind.

Paramore (♥♥♥♥)
B.o.B (♥)
Tegan & Sara
The Veronicas
Hilary Duff
Lykke Li (♥)
Cute Is What We Aim For
Taylor Swift
The Script (♥)
Aloha From Hell
Lupe Fiasco (♥)
2NE1 (♥)
New Found Glory
Green Day
G-Dragon (♥)
Panic At the Disco!
Katy Perry (♥)
Miley Cyrus
Black Eyed Peas (♥)
P!nk (♥)
I don't like Justin Bieber, In fact I hate the kid. Why? I feel as though he's not talented he's bratty and very annoying, He will soon be forgotten and I cannot wait for that day. The little Girl who cried for him was cute though.
I love to write, it's part of my very being. I also would like to learn to play the guitar, I love to sing. Now if only I could get over being so shy singing or reading my poetry to people. ^o^''

Below, you will enter a world where only "Paramore" Exist.
I want to be the second "Mrs, Joshua Farro." If Hayley does not take my spot, I am a huge JoshLey fan. I've loved Paramore from the start and I fell in love with them being together. I am a huge fan, The band itself is practically my life.
To Be Continued...

(Paramore, Extension) -Ignorance
was your new best friend, So I ran along. I let it go.
Left you there to think it through, I had to learn how to get over you.
All the times and all the laughs, we shared. Inside jokes.
Broken thoughts, are all that's left now. The way you taunted
The way we broke, fell apart. Water and Fire. INTO SMOKE.
Thanks for taking me along on the ride.
It's nice to see I was nothing but a joke.
I hope you realize what you've lost, when your sitting alone.
Thinking those thoughts, that I used to help you break apart.
Alone with Ignorance. you couldn't accept the new me
Alone with Ignorance. You wanted to change me.
Alone with Ignorance. I could only be me.
So I hope you have fun with Ignorance, your new best friend.
Ignorance. Is your new Best Friend.
-Shannon A.

My I-pod is yellow, and my aura is rainbow loves~
When I listen to music, I tend to get a very clear picture in my mind. I especially enjoy when a song relates to my life in some way. Music is the reason I can still live and not let the world, people or incidents get to me. Well that and a pen and paper. I thought Id point out, I change my default often. From pictures of myself to avatars, I like the splash of change.



2. "Let me tell you about it..." - Kristen Stewart, (Melinda) SPEAK.

3. "Ooooh, I think we can handle that." -Jackson Rathbone, (Jasper Hale) Twilight.






Light Yagami, Is my Guilty Pleasure <3

"I am Kira, Let's Play 'GOD'."