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Green DayBasket Case 26. Apr., 0:58
PortisheadNumb 25. Apr., 14:24
PJ HarveyOh My Lover 25. Apr., 14:13
Soft CellTainted Love 16. Apr., 8:24
Gwen StefaniWind It Up 12. Apr., 13:34
BeckMutherfuker 12. Apr., 13:32
Goldie Lookin' ChainI Blame It On Computer Games 12. Apr., 13:28
The CureThe Lovecats 12. Apr., 13:25
MuseTime Is Running Out 12. Apr., 13:21
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Über mich

Physical Descryption: 5ft 11, long dark brown hair, multi-coloured eyes, big nose, 'tache and goatee.

I am 39 and have been Goth/alternative for 20 years, although I had been leaning that way for some time I was 16 before I started wandering round in the midsummer day sun all dressed in black; only mad dogs and Englishmen...

Let's get one thing out of the way, I am anti-society/ Goth/ alternative/ pick a label, because of 12 years bullying hell at school. It gave me a dim view of the human race, I am not racist or ageist or any other -ist, I treat everyone equally i.e. if your human your off to a bad start. If this means I come across as abrasive sometimes don't be upset, it's not you it's me

Having said that I try very hard to be traditionally English, in that I try to be polite and chivalrous. If I refer to you as my lady or your ladyship it does not de-mean or weaken you as a woman it is an empowering, polite and respectful term. Well coming from me it is anyway

I used to drink like a fish, and smoke like a chimney. I don't anymore; my kids changed that. Very occasionally I will partake of some hashish/grass in a pipe. I haven't done this for 4 years to date.

I like games a lot, I have a large board games collection and I am into Rpg/wargaming, and PC/PS3 gaming. I also like word games and playing with words.

I am happily married with three kids [Zacchary(6), Skarlett (5), and Templar (3)]. No pets, no money, and no time!!

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