• Anemic caught up in "Metal fans have no patience for fashion conscious emo bands…

    11. Feb. 2007, 11:05

    Yorkshire based RSJ made the trip northwards on thursday night for an evening in the Barfly. Support was provided by Glasgow metal behemoths Madman is Absolute, 15 year old chancers Aerial caused the haunting and californian emo midgets Anemic.

    Anemic, announced themselves onstage with a jolly "we are anemic from California" and that was the least derivitative thing they performed all night. I'm not going to go into the music because truly i don't believe that they should be encouraged in any way and that includes brutal criticism. However, the hardcore Madman fans did take advantage of this excellent opportunity to berate these wild haircut sporting morons. As soon as the first song finished before anyone had a chance to boo them four guys were singing "What the fucking, what the fucking, what the fucking hell was that." Hats off to Anemic they continued to play the rest of their set and infact did so like they were playing to a sold out responsive and appreciative audience as apposed to 30 people who fucking hated their guts. The high point for us and the low point for them was when a punter beckoned the singer down to listen to him. The singer then stood up and announced that he was to say that "he loved boabie" which promted the Madman fans to chant "you suck cock, you suck cock, you suck cock" for the rest of their time on stage.

    This prompted a huge stage turn over taking about 35 minutes which sucked. Aerial Caused The Haunting were the complimentary Twisted Ape promotions band who don't own their own kit and who think they are way better than they actually are. They had the cheek to be giving the sound guy problems because it was taking a long time to turn it all around and it was eating into "their stage time." Their main appeal was a hugely confident bassist whos ego was vastly too big for the stage, much pouting and posing took place, i found it highly amusing although i'm sure many would be irritated by it. If they were to get a decent singer the band could show potential for the future as it was i was deeply relieved once they played their four songs and fucked off.

    Then RSJ took the stage and lauched into a 40 minute set that blew the cobwebs of shit from our minds. Like Will Haven, who the band have clearly been massively influenced by, their sound is collossal and constantly surges with a neck breaking groove. They played a selection of tracks from their debut Reflections in B flat Minor and the forthcoming Gain To Nothing album. A staggering rendition of Dystonia was the highlight.

    And so to the main event of Madman Is Absolute. A leg numbing 40 minute turn around from RSJ to the headliners was the final straw and i was seriously tempted to leave. When they finally did start playing it was a decidedly messy affair from a band who have built their name on tight and brutal live performances. They played a mixture of new tunes and the majority of their most recent EP. There were moments where it felt like it was all about to unravel, as the drummer took songs to their limits in terms of speed, but they just managed to keep it together. The new material did not impress but i'm willing to accept that my mood was not the best after standing through what can only be descibed as a shiteheap of disorganisation.