TeitanbloodSeven Chalices of Vomit and Blood Lieblingslied 70
NightbringerOf Silence and Exsanguination Lieblingslied 69
NightbringerBeneath the Sands of Dudael Lieblingslied 69
TeitanbloodWhore Mass Lieblingslied 69
DissectionThe Somberlain Lieblingslied 66
DissectionFrozen Lieblingslied 62
VorkreistReckless Sickness Lieblingslied 45
Deströyer 666Ride the Solar Winds Lieblingslied 37
AscensionSuffer the Sickness Lieblingslied 25
AosothAshes of Angels Lieblingslied 21
DismemberSoon to Be Dead Lieblingslied 13
Carpathian ForestWarlord of Misantrophy Lieblingslied 13
DarkthroneFuck Off And Die Lieblingslied 8
Hell MilitiaBorn Without Light Lieblingslied 8
EvocationReunion in War Lieblingslied 6
VenomTo Hell and Back Lieblingslied 5
NunslaughterKilled By The Cross Lieblingslied 4
Celtic FrostA Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh Lieblingslied 4
Celtic FrostDethroned Emperor Lieblingslied 3
Celtic FrostGround Lieblingslied 3
DarkthroneIn the Shadow of the Horns Lieblingslied 3
NunslaughterBurn In Hell Lieblingslied 3
VoivodWar And Pain Lieblingslied 2