• Reel Big Fish

    24. Feb. 2011, 21:08

    Sat 19 Feb – Reel Big Fish, Suburban Legends, The Skints, New Riot

    It's not often that I go to gigs at the O2 anymore, I fucking hate the venue: the floor is sticky, the staff are universally rude no matter what you do, and the drinks are far too expensive (£5 a pint: fuck off). Worst of all, the music is never worth it. Occasionally someone good comes along: Gaslight, Wilco, and... well that's all in recent memory. No, most of my time is spent at independant gigs or in my own house for acoustic sets. But hey, it was my friends birthday, and I'd heard that RBF are a fun band live, so we went along: me frowning in some sort of strange contempt and slightly drunk.

    So, we went in and watched the support bands in quite high spirits: New Riot (fun, no substance), The Skints (amazing, as per usual), and Suburban Legends (fun, camp, no substance). We skanked a bit. I got a little drunker. It was looking to be a pretty fucking good night: then RBF hit the stage.

    It might be worth mentioning here that I'm by no means an RBF fan. I don't listen to them very often. If I'm sober I don't generally care for them all too much. The hits (Beer, Where Have You Been?, and the cover of Take On Me) are good fodder when clubbing, but that's about the extent that my support for the band goes. They make decentish, fun Ska music, with very, very little substance.

    But fuck! They're good live.

    All in all the set was about an hour and a half of fun-to-dance-to-whilst-drunk-Ska-punk. Every taste was catered for. The skank pit happened with little help from the band. No cheap tricks of audience participation were employed. Everyone had a good night. I'd recommened them whether you like 'em or not.