Fortune telling: 10 questions.


24. Aug. 2006, 8:13

With a little help from my musical neighbours, I can know everything. This is neighbour radio fortune telling.

My love life

1.How long will it take for me to find my soulmate/true love/future husband?
O Lady Moon won't you shine a silver light, and lead me to my Griselda.
Yo La Tengo

2.Do I know him already?
And you say I only hear what I want to
I don't listen hard
I don't pay attention to the distance that you're running or to
Anyone, anywhere
I don't understand if you really care
I'm only hearing negative, no no no - bad

Lisa Loeb

3.Where is he right now?
He's always at home with his back to the wall.
And he's proud of his scars and the battles he's lost,
And he sits in a room with a lock on the door,
With his maps and his medals laid out on the floor

[track]Angry Young Man[/track]
bily joel

4.What has he been through?
I'd say goodbye to love
There are no tomorrows for this heart of mine
Surely time will lose these bitter memories
And I'll find that there is someone to believe in
And to live for something I could live for

[track]Goodbye to Love[/track]

5.What will he need from me? Who shall I become?

Look at me
what am I supposed to be?
Oh My Love

Here I am
what am I supposed to do?
Here I am
What can I do for you?
Here I am
Oh My Love
Look at me
Here I am
Oh My Love

Who am I?
Nobody knows but me
Who am I?
Nobody else can see
Just you and me
Who are we
Oh My Love

[track]Look at me[/track]
Plastic Ono Band

6.What is he feeling/thinking right now?

And I wonder
Are you thinking of me
Coz I'm thinking of you
And I wonder
Are you ever coming back in my life

[track]Back here[/track]

7.What is stopping me from meeting him?

but the beauty of this vision alone just like yesterday's sunset
has been perverted by the sentimental
and mistaken for love


My job

8.Do the people in my new job hate me?

Convinced there’s a war on
It’s always
Everybody versus you
(Ba bada dada dada)
Convinced that your critics are watching
And you’ve always got something
You’ve always got something to prove

Straylight Run
[track]Sympathy for the Martyr[/track]

9.What will I learn?
But if there were no music
Then I would not get through
I don't know why
I know these things, but I do

[track]I don't know why[/track]
Shawn Colvin

10.Where will I be after two years?

Libraries gave us power
Then work came and made us free
What price now for a shallow piece of dignity

[track]Design for Life[/track]
Manic Street Preachers


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