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Über mich

I always find these about you things to be really hard to write but lets see what comes out shall we?
Im 26 and in a relationship with the best man iv ever met ^_^
I collect Pullips, Mini's and 6'' Plush Care Bears, 3.5 D&D Books and i also have 1 Hujoo and one Blythe ^_^
I love to create so i paint Minis , sew for the dolls, paint with water colour, draw, and soooo much more, I consider myself to be an artist and have sold a few of the bits iv made includeing digital paintings, watercolours, a hat that i modifiyed and doll dresses ^_^
I love a wide variaty of music includeing Ska, Rock, ProgRock, Metal, Goth and Punk! tho alot of the time i like random things... if i listen to it and like it then i do i try really hard to be diverse in my tastes tho i dont think i will ever really love dance or like R&B

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