• Things to Enjoy

    17. Jun. 2008, 10:27

    I know it's not music, but some of you might enjoy this:

    Poor Man, Rich Man, Free Man

    On the edge of the world sat a poor man,
    His heart and his soul in his hand;
    His soul was as black as a night bird,
    his poor heart had crumbled to sand.
    His mourning eyes took to the skyline,
    the evening sun shook as he spake:
    "But a bag full of gold can now save me-
    Life and Love both I forsake!"

    On the peak of the earth stood a rich man,
    The finest of silks was his gown,
    But his gold and his silver had tarnished
    and the rubies were gone from his crown.
    His lonely eyes sought for the sunrise,
    the empty halls echoed his cry:
    "These riches of mine cannot spare me
    the cold, loveless death I shall die!"

    Laughing out loud was the free man,
    The wind and the sun in his hair,
    His eyes saw the clouds and the moonshine
    and his footsteps were dancing on air.
    "Life and Love both are my calling,
    My fingers fling gold through the sky...
    Life is a joke to be laughed at-
    Sorrow is all I deny!"