Countdown Watch - C


14. Sep. 2007, 21:30

Artist: Cachao
Album: Master Session Volume I
Favorites: N/A
Comments: Lovely music. Check out his wiki page for more info.

Artist: Cake
Albums: Comfort Eagle, Prolonging the Magic, Fashion Nugget
Favorites: Short Skirt/Long Jacket, Comfort Eagle, The Distance, I Will Survive, Italian Leather Sofa, Sheep Go To Heaven
Comments: Have liked these guys since elementary school.

Artist: Cam'ron
Album: Purple Haze
Favorites: N/A
Comments: N/A

Artist: Canibus
Album: [album artist=]lost lyrics[/album], My Name Is Nobody
Favorites: My Home Atlanta
Comments: First off, LL Cool J > Canibus. lol. Canibus's only real fame was from taking shit about LL Cool J. His freestyles are interesting though. Canibus is anything from out of the ordinary when it comes to rap. He self-promotes, and talks shit about other rappers, 'nuff said.

Artist: Capone
Album: Mexican Bad Azz
Favorites" Aqui Estamos, Bad Azz
Comments: Mexican/Latino rap has always been good to me. I'm more a fan of Cypress Hill though..

Artist: Cassidy
Album: Split Personality
Favorites: Hotel, Get No Better, Pop That Cannon
Comments: Cassidy = MEH.

Artist: Cheap Cologne
Favorites: N/A
Comments: Jay-z's "Black Album" has been remixed so many times. I like this one though. It's Metallica mixed in as the beats, with Jay-z rapping over them. Interesting...

Artist: Chemical Brothers
Album: Dig Your Own Hole, Brother's Gonna Work It Out, Come With Us, Exit Planet Dust, Live Sydney, Music: Response, Surrender, Flip The Switch, Unreleased BBC DJ set from DAT
Favorites: It Began in Afrika, Star Guitar, Hoops, Block Rockin' Beats, Dig your own hole, Elektrobank, Piku, Setting sun, It Doesn't Matter, Don't Stop the Rock, Get Up On It Like This, Lost In The K-Hole, The Private Psychedelic Reel, Fuck Up Beats, Africa (Remix), Hey Boy Hey Girl, Music Response, Got Glint?, Out of Control, Orange Wedge, Surface To Air, Let Forever Be
Comments: Absolutely <3 the Chemical Brothers, and have for a long while now. Their music has so much energy, and I have grown to love the intricate sounds and rhythms they've made.

Artist: Chingy
Album: PowerBallin'
Favorites: N/A
Comments: Chingy, sucks, a, lot. lol. baleted.

Artist: Chris Brown
Album: Chris Brown
Favorites: Yo (Excuse Me Miss)
Comments: N/A

Artist: Christina Aguilera
Album: Stripped, Shark's Tale
Favorites: Beautiful, Car Wash
Comments: She is so hot..she can also sing very well.

Artist: Cibo Matto
Album: Stereo Type A
Favorites: Sci-Fi Wasabi, Working for Vacation
Comments: They're pretty gud. Weird broken English sometimes though. O__o

Artist: a clockwork orange
Album: A Clockwork Orange Soundtrack
Favorites: [track artist=]theme from a clockwork orange[/track]
Comments: <3 the movie. Also, <3 the soundtrack.

Artist: Coldcut
Album: Let Us Play!, Sound Mirrors, Cold Krush Cuts
Favorites: Timber, True Skool, Walk a Mile in My Shoes, Sound Mirrors
Comments: Coldcut 4Life. They started the Solid Steel radio show in the UK and the DJ Food project. Love these guys!

Artist: Cut Chemist
Album: Litmus Test, The Audience's Listening,
Favorites: [track artist=][/track]


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