• UHH was STELLAR!

    19. Okt. 2008, 20:57

    Sat 18 Oct – Uh Huh Her

    FANASTIC! I was with 2 of my best friends and we were right against the stage. I was literally 2 feet (if that) away from Camila Grey the whole set. Leisha Hailey was about 10 feet. Both looked stunning.

    The music was sensational! I hadn't expected to see Leisha on a bass since the album credits only have her down for synth and vocals. But she played that, her synth and of course added great backing vocals. Camila was down for the same instruments in addition to various guitars. Their touring guitarist Mark and their drummer (didn't get his name) were very good as well. All of the vocals and instrumentation was spot on. They sounded just like the record only better with some live improvisation and they were obviously feeding off the crowd's energy.

    The highlight (for me) was "Dreamer". It's my favourite song by them and was especially touching as Camila dedicated the performance to her parents who were watching in the crowd.

    After their show they came to the back of the venue (which was just the right size I might add, very small, very intimate) and signed t-shirts and CDs. They also took pictures and were very laid back and humble.