Gig Review - Duke Special


16. Mai. 2007, 14:53

Tue 15 May – Duke Special, Beth Rowley gig review. I have to say what a huge pleasure it is to see Duke Special in a large venue at last!

Before the gig started, the pre-gig music was supplied by DJ78, playing lovely old early Rock and Roll, Jazz and I guess it's called Easy Listening stuff all on shellac 78s, which i just lapped up!

Beth Rowley was the support, and very good she was too. She's one of those people you look at when she starts singing and think, where the hell did that voice come from! I think she might have been a bit nervous though, but she came through it well. It's always brave to cover Nina Simone songs (Nobody's Fault But Mine), but she did it very well!

The Duke himself; what can i say. The venue really seemed to suit him, and the band were excellent. Always good to see Ben Castle back and nattily dressed too.

Chip Bailey was in good form too, leading the audience (including his parents) in grater/whisk training before doing a piece of remarkably quick stage diving mid-song before bouncing back on stage just in time to smack the cymbal again!

Fantastic gig, topped off by bumping into Foy and his wife on the tube home and being able to congratulate him on his Pigalle gig and his performance with the Duke!

Intro : Henry Hall And The BBC Dance Orchestra 'Teddy Bears Picnic'
Closer To The Start (Acoustic solo)
Brixton Leaves
Everybody Wants A Little Something
Ballad Of A Broken Man (With Beth Rowley)
Slip Of A Girl
Love Is Connection
Some Things Make Your Soul Feel Clean (Acoustic)
Wake Up, Scarlett
Salvation Tambourine
No Cover Up
Catfish (With Beth Rowley)
Careless Heart
Last Night I Nearly Died (But I Woke Up Just In Time)
Chip Bailey Cheese Grater Masterclass
Freewheel (Acoustic)
This Could Be My Last Day (With Foy Vance)
I Let You Down (Like A Tonne Weight)
John Lennon Love (Acoustic)
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Fibre Optic, Duke Special


  • stroky

    Sounds lovely as usual! Thanks for the review. I will move to England in September and hope to catch him more often than here in Germany. So fingers crossed...

    17. Mai. 2007, 16:26
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