foo_audioscrobbler 1.4.0 released


1. Mai. 2009, 7:40

Hi Audioscrobblers,

I've just released foo_audioscrobbler 1.4.0, the standalone Audioscrobbler component for foobar2000 and later.

The new version now supports dynamic sources (e.g., web streams), allows for field remapping, uses foobar2000's network settings (especially its proxy settings) and includes some fixes for issues identified in the previous version.

Download foo_audioscrobbler 1.4.0

Happy scrobbling! :B

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  • halnine

    For some reason your site isn't too friendly with Firefox. Download and release notes links don't work there.

    1. Mai. 2009, 16:28
  • Ganymed

    Works fine here (though, enabling JavaScript and sending referrer headers is needed).

    1. Mai. 2009, 19:01
  • _ritualord

    thanks for your effort and passion you put in this project. really appreciated

    3. Mai. 2009, 9:10

    thanks. . . . .but I'm still getting the "Audioscrobbler: Invalid data, received line length exceeds limit" error for some reason.

    14. Mai. 2009, 1:03
  • Ganymed

    @KMFCM This is a error with your internet connection and not something foo_audioscrobbler can influence.

    14. Mai. 2009, 6:27
  • telemnaro

    thank you so much, this is just what i looked for!

    26. Mai. 2009, 22:38
  • Ganymed

    @damnuandurdog If I'd only know... I'm using an internal foobar2000 service for the HTTP communication and the message above is what I'm getting from this service.

    5. Jun. 2009, 15:54
  • krisp

    streams scrobbling feature is a-w-e-s-o-m-e! many thanks! :D

    30. Jul. 2009, 18:33
  • Ganymed

    Thanks, glad you like it :-)

    30. Jul. 2009, 20:48
  • edmsampaio

    Thx for this great component

    21. Aug. 2009, 18:22
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